June 19, 2024

Boxing Day packed an unexpected punch

After a whirlwind tour of Copenhagen it was onto the third largest Swedish city of Malmo by rail over the Oresund bridge and a journey which makes it all so clear as to just how close in pro

Urban sprawl meets traffic crawl

The final piece of the jigsaw came in the shape of the capital city of Bangladesh Dhaka for the record a huge great sprawling city with no real tourist infrastructure to speak of and a city

What goes down in coastal towns

I guarantee that I’m going on holiday to Bangladesh could well be as seldomlyheard sentence as Wasn’t that a lovely traffic jam but hey there is a lot to be said for pioneering tourism and a pioneering tourist is destined to pioneer after all. The

The best of the Nepalese rest

One of the preplanned episodes of this trip was a morning plane flight over mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayas which is pretty much unmissable unless you have a complete aversion to mountain vistas. The choice of airline was Buddha Air and the

Kathmandu and the Nepalese crew…

Destinations with an element of the superlative usually succeed effortlessly in attracting tourists purely to discover the mystique surrounding that very superlative and in this case the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest has been Nepal’s ID card s

A Hamburger with all the trimmings

Germany is a powerful nation for sure and as if their economic standing is not strong enough their manufacturing output is just another piece of evidence that pretty much all things German are usually built to last and the Hanseatic city of

Lviv Lvov Lwow Lemberg Leopolis

As with any lower profile nation of this world you might readily assume that the nation’s capital city is the final word in the cultural statement of the country in question and in the case of the Ukraine I was in search of evidence to prove this statem

Unlikely ski destination makes good on its promise

Breaking new ground on the blogging front has just occurred as for the first time ever this blog entry is the result of a spoken word email which has been interpreted into text format and I have edited the results at the end to make it read like a blog en