Sunday, 13 Oct 2019

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Off to Wales

We awoke at 6am and got ready. We decided to get a taxi to Paddington Station instead of taking all of our luggage on the tube during rush hour. We left the hotel at about 7am since our tr


22nd November One last omlette for brekkie.. Omg they’re soo good hereChecked out. Me Luke Nathan Gregor and Marine walked to the bus stop was a bit further than we thought and was pushing on time.. I wanted fruit but didn’t eve

Museum day

Sunday Another downpour Oy Raincoats are getting a workout. Today the four of us rose a little later than usual and spent the morning reading the Washington Post and doing the crossword puzzle. Ever loyal Mike read the Press Democrat too. There is a

Jodhpur The Blue City

20th November Our bus was at 2pm so walked to the bus stand as it wasn’t very far. Begging kids again wanting specific biscuits so i said i’d buy them but open the biscuits up for them coz we’ve also been told that if you buy them thin

79.den kuta

Noc bola dost nahovno. Vetrak suchotal zvonka sa ozyvala hudba.Na ranajky bola na vyber palacinka alebo chleba s omeletu 1vajco ovocie. Dnes si davam prvu moznost. Este termoska s cajom bola na stole.V palacinke bol strceny aj kusek bananu no

A short journey through central NSW

Times and circumstances are changing and it is now appropriate that we review our travel arrangements. This years trip has started a lot earlier than previous years due mainly so we can get a reasonable time away while we can.Our middle daughter Ni