Hostel Beds in Europe Are Getting Scarce…

Word from a couple of TravelPUNK backpackers, currently traveling through Europe, is that hostel beds are extemely low (see thread on our message boards Severe scarcity of beds in England right now!). If fact, one of our TravelPUNKS is currently traveling in London and couldn’t extend his stay at the hostel he was staying at... Read More »

They Met On Our Message Boards. Now They’re Married!

I’m going to say this again and again and again until it’s ingrained into your minds- traveling is LIFE ALTERING. Not only the actual traveling part of it, but the juices that start flowing inside of you as you MENTALLY commit to it and start preparing and researching it. A new window of positivity and... Read More »

What MOST people Don’t Know About Backpacking

So this question was recently asked on our forums to help educate the people that have never gone backpacking. The responses we got were great and they came from “seasoned” travelers, so rest assured that this insight is top of the line. Rather than give them to you in my words, I will share some... Read More »

Dirty Secrets About Hotel Glasses

My brother emailed this to me so I thought that I would pass it on to all you TPunks. Next time you stay at a hotel, motel, b&b, hostel, etc…watch out for those shiny happy glasses. As you’re about to see, these cleaning ladies take pride in their jobs. Guhhh-nasty!... Read More »

“Try Not. Do…or, Do Not!” Lessons From Yoda…

So many people never realize their travel goals simply because they always “try” and never “do.” Watch this video and maybe Yoda’s wisdom from 1977 can convince you to ELIMINATE any form of “try” from your vocabulary. So, if you find yourself constantly putting off your travel plans, it is most likely because you keep... Read More »

Why Book A Hostel In Advance?

Imagine yourself walking for hours and hours with a 30lb plus backpack strapped to your sweaty back in search of a hostel with a vacancy, let alone a vacancy that meets your standards or requirements. You’re hot, sweaty, tired, and frustrated that you didn’t book ahead of time and now you’re spending your precious site... Read More »

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