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World Food/Drink It's Happy Hour! Cheap eats! Favorite restaurants and pubs! Stop by the Travel PUNK watering hole to post your tips or ask questions regarding anything food or drink related.... See Europe by train
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Buy far the cheapest way to eat and drink while over seas is to buy at super markets, or even cheaper, open air markets.

Some Supermarket Do's

Fruits and Veggies are a great way to keep your energy

Deli Meat is prob only good in your pack for 24 hours, any longer than that, I would be thinking twice about eating

Buns for Sandwichs should last up to 3 days before going stale

Canned food Tuna, Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, SPAM (if ya like it) and many others, are non perisable and can last pretty much as long as your trip will. ( You will need a can opener)

Try to avoid items that need to be cooked, as an Urban Adventurer you can not just start a fire in the middle of the side walk to cook some beans...If your hostel is equiped with a Kitchen, check there supply of pots and pans, dishes and glasses BEFORE you go out and buy something to cook, and find they do not have what you need to cook it.

Check expery dates on food, the last thing you need is to get sick

Wine and Beer can be bought at most Supermarkets, and this is where you will get the best deal

Supermarket Don'ts

Do not buy pre made of those will cost you as much a 3 that you make yourself.

Don't go to the supermarket between 4-6:30pm, the evening crowds are crazy!!

Raw meats and Fish are a luxery you can not afford, if you end up not finding somewhere to cook it, you have just spent alot on money on something that will go bad in 10-15 hours after being taken out of the refridgerator

Salty products, Nuts, Crackers, Chips...Make you very thristy...

Junk food gives you short term enegy, try to avoid it.

Pop and Fruit Drink will end up draining you of energy in the long run, Milk, Spring Water, and REAL Fruit Juice are the better option.

Please add to this DO's and Don'ts List as you see fit, as Food is one of the bigger expences on your trip.
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I tried some Oxtail-flavored chips (crips) in England (think it was) - just for the curiosity factor alone. I was very pleasantly surprised, tho! I think I would buy them if they had them here now!
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In Bulgaria, I lived for a month on yogourt, bread and peaches. When I was travelling, I always brought a pack of mixed nuts and water with me.

It was easier to buy food at the supermarket since I did not have to order it (I always ended up with something completely different from what I ordered at the restaurant, and there was not a bulgarian friend around all the time to tell me what was on the menu)! You could also buy Banitsa (bread with cheese in it, delicious!) every street corner for less than 0,50 cents. So I didn't need any spoon, or fork (I just drank the yogourt...ahahah!)

Once I bought what I thought to be some yogourt, but ended up with Aïran, which is a drink made out of yogourt and water and a little bit of salt. Ok, I couldn't read the bulgarian alphabet at the time!!! I finally fell in love with Aïran, which is really refreshing...Everyone drinks it!
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Hey, I agree, Moccasin. That yogurt drink WAS really good. I tried it over there and couldn't believe how refreshing it was.

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Döner Kebabs in berlin are the obvious choice. Can't count how many I went through during my 1 month stay.
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Backpacking grocery list:

- Bottled water and/or juice
- Whole Grain loaf of bread, sliced preferably
- Cheese (the soft kind that is individually wrapped into wedge shapes, usually they come in a round cardboard container; you can eat them by themselves or spread them on the bread)
- Mini individual size plastic containers/packets of jam and/or honey
- Whole Grain crackers or olive oil crostinis
- Fresh fruit

If you're gonna cook at the hostel, try:

- Salads
- Pasta (alternate types of pasta for raviolis for instance, alternate red tomato sauce for pesto sauce for instance)
- Sandwiches
- Eggs (fried, stir fried, boiled - then carry them with you)
- Wine

I'm vegetarian, so I won't say much for meats, if you're a veggie/vegan too, then look up soymilk and soy-yogurt in various flavors.

Most European supermarkets charge you a few cents for the shopping bag or at least they start charging you from the 2nd bag on. So bring a canvas bag that can be folded into your backpack when you're not using it, or at least, bring used plastic bags with you.
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