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Traveling Alone or Family Travel Whether you want to travel alone, or travel with the kids, parents, or granny, this forum is for you!

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I leave in just 9 more days for London where I will be staying witha friend for a week and then it is off to.... who knows where for three. I haven't made any specific plans as of yet and have everyone calling me crazy because of it. My friend works a 9-5 everyday so I will be on my own in London for 5 days. I would love to hear any suggestions anyone would have for me as far as what to do. The first weekend we will be taking a flight to Ireland and that is where she will leave me. Some people are saying that I could spend the entire time in Ireland but I was seriously considering hitting up the Montreux Jazz Festival on the 14th to see Van MOrrison and Herbie Hancock. I don't know. should I be worried that there are no plans made or is my "go with the flow" midset safe during this highly-travelled season?
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Go-with-the-flow is a great way to go! Just remember, though, that it's the high season, so hostels may be booked up in bigger/more popular cities, so it might be in your best interest to at least set up "waypoint" cities and book at least a night or two for each in advance.

For instance, all the popular hostels in Amsterdam and Barcelona are pretty booked up for July, so I'm thanking my lucky stars I reserved - you can do it through TP's hostel listings with only a minimal deposit on your charge card.

There is PLENTY to do during the day in London. I'm sure you're well aware of all the major tourist attractions (if not, just look at pretty much any page about London).

The first day, take one of those hop-on/hop-off bus tours to get the lie of the land. That way, you know where everything is for the rest of the trip. If budget is a concern, you can get on a double decker bus headed for Victoria, change to another one headed east into The City (or if you start in the East, go westward), and you'll see much of London from above ground. Having familiarized yourself, you'll be able to get around very easily on the Tube the other 4 days and know where you're popping up from underground. (The tube map is not proportional, so it can be disorienting.)

I just remembered - I put up a London travelogue last year that you can read for points of interest... It's more drinking than siteseeing oriented, but who knows, you might get ideas:

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Thanks so much Omisan! The rain has kept me in all day making phone calls and putzin' around on the computer. Leading me to the Paddywagon Backpacking Tour website. I have just remembered an extensive conversation I had with someone the other night while I was at the local brewery although my memory has been somewhat clouded by the delicious Heffe, I definitely recall her giving this tour somw serious praise.
Has anyone else heard of this tour? If so, whaddya think?
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I´m a big believer in the go with the flow mentality too :greenguy: Just walk around and get lost! That, for me, is the best way to personalize my trips and get intimate with any given city...just don't wander off into da hood !

Being that July and August are the height of the travel season, I would definitely book hostels in advanced. You don't have to book every single night of your trip, but at least the first night or two, per popular city. That will put your mind at ease upon arrival, then you can walk around and find alternative accommodations if you're not happy with the one that you've booked.

Here's the link to the Hostel Search Engine

Nice travelogue, O! Thanks for the info
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Originally posted by travelpunk@Jun 27 2004, 08:37 AM
just don't wander off into da hood !
have any of you vets ever found that you've done that and gone up shit creek without a paddle?... come on this is a cry for travel stories man.
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