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Travel Transportation Airs, Trains, Buses, and Boats, what should I do ? What´s a Eurail Pass? How to rent a car abroad ? Is it safe to take the bus?

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As the wheels begin to turn on my Euro trip this spring I have a quick question on airline flights. I will be flying into london this much i know, question is can I get a ticket that does not have a specified date of return? An open ticket of sorts? All web pages ask for the departure and return dates. I am unsure of just how ong i'll be overseas...If i can land some work i'd like to turn it intoa whole summer trip.......My Frommers book highly states it is in my best interest to NOT get a one way flight.....Which if it comes down to it is what i'll have to do 'cuz i can't have a "mandatory" return date.....That would defeat the whole purpose of this trip for me. So if anyone knows of a way to acquire a ticket in which the date of return is not specified I thank you for your help. Despite some recent internal debate it looks like this rookie is actually going to go through with it!
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Yeah i'm no braniac at this air ticket thing, but I know that I almost got an open ticket for oz. So it is possible. i think only certain airlines allow it..Just depends on that I guess..Because I can't get an open ticket with the airline that I'm going with now. however I'm not quite sure when I want to return either. So I did end up booking a return date, but If I want to return earlier or later I just have to pay $50 to change the date. But mabye someone else has some more info?
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I wish i knew on this... Im just going into london with one way, and just hope that my 2 year working visa will get me across the line. And besides, after 2 years i will be flying not home, but to the states, and then after that, who knows...

So i cant really make any plans... Just hope people working in customs feel my pain.

Wow, 2 years away from home... ah well.


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i'm flying into paris april 27, and am scheduled to return on august 10th, although I can change that date while i'm over there if i decide to stay longer or shorter (yeah right!). I have up to a year from my date of arrival. It costs about $50 canadian to change the return date. So it is possible.
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just pop into your local travel agent and ask. or if u book online check the small print. i think most airlines allow u to change the dates, some will charge, for each time u change, or u can but a slightly more expensive ticket that u can change the dates later (proveded there are seats left on the fligth u want)
just make sure u have the number u need to ring to change the dates with you. and when you know when u want to go home book it.
i would strongly advise against going on a one way ticket, the last thing u want is too arrive in Paris and be sent straight home cos theyre scared youre trying to stay there permantly.

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