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ryandl 03-02-2006 09:06 PM

The following is a rough itinerary my friend and I have constructed for our trip this summer. I thought I would just post it to see what you all thought. FYI, all of the towns that we have included for each country are not complete, they are just some of the cities that we thought we would like to visit.

May 15- 20 (London) Oxford or Cambridge, Bathe

May 21- 25 (France) Paris, Normandy

May 26- 30 (Belgium) Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp

May 31- Jun 5 (Netherlands) Amsterdam, Rotterdam

June 6- 14 (Switzerland) Interlaken, Lucerne

June 15- 20 (France) Central hill towns. Lyon, Bordeaux

June 21- July 15 (Spain/Portugal) Runny of the bulls.

July 16- 20 (Southern France) Marsielles, Nice, Monte Carlo.

July 21- Aug. 4 (Italy) Venice, Florence, Cinque Terra, Rome, Naples.

Aug. 5- 15 (Greece) Ios, Athens, Corfu, Mykanos, Santorrini

Aug. 16- 21 (Croatia) Dubrovnik

Aug. 22- 25 (Slovenia)

Aug. 26- 31 (Austria) Vienna, Salzburg

Sept. 1- 4 (Hungary) Budapest

Sept. 5- 10 (Slovakia/ Poland) Krakow, Bratislava

Sept. 10- 15 (Czech Rep.) Prague, Cesky Krumlov

Sept. 15- 29 (Germany) Oktoberfest, Berlin, Rottenberg, Munich

139 Days Total

mark-0 03-02-2006 09:35 PM

I'd suggest trying to swing by Nurnberg if you're going to be in southern Germany. I thought it was way cooler than Munich and wish I'd spent more time there. Plus, if you're considering checking it out, I stayed at probably one of the best hostels ever and met the coolest people and I can tell you more about it if you're interested.

Siena is about an hour and half train ride south of Florence, is way less touristy, unless it's early july or mid-august (this bareback horse race called the Palio. It's a HUGE party but TONS of tourists).

ryandl 03-03-2006 06:08 AM

Thanks for the quick response! But also, do you think that we have allowed ourself enought time in each country to get the general feel and not feel too rushed?

Jen05 03-03-2006 08:21 AM

Hi! I definitely think you have enough time. I hadn't read your second post, and was thinking how jealous I am that you have this long to see so many great cities! This looks like a great itinerary, and I can't wait to hear all about it! :cheers:

Esterina 03-03-2006 08:50 AM

Your itinerary is very well built, congrats !

In theory, you do allow enough time in each city. In real life though, and you'll realize it yourself once you started your super journey, that changing places every 3-4 days is exhausting. Long term travelling is different, and the energy level tends to stabilize after the huge rush of the first weeks.

Like I said, it will come naturally, you don't need to plan a longer stay somewhere. Someday, you'll feel comfortable in a city, and will stay one or two weeks, to NOT BE a traveller, to take part in some way to the life ot the city. And you know what ? Something magical happens : you start feeling like a real citizen of the world, I'm telling you, even if you're not blending much with locals.

One thing that seems to be lacking, but of course it depends of your likings, is the countryside. If you fall in love with a country, take time to explore it in depths. Pick an average size town, rent a bicycle, and discover the surroundings, small villages. Go to remote areas.

That was my two cents.

You will have fun, what ever decisions you take on the road ! 5 months, woooooo ! :cheers:

Jen05 03-03-2006 09:25 AM


Originally posted by atchoum@Mar 3 2006, 10:50 AM
In real life though, and you'll realize it yourself once you started your super journey, that changing places every 3-4 days is exhausting. Long term travelling is different, and the energy level tends to stabilize after the huge rush of the first weeks.

That's a good point! By the end of my 2 month trip, I was ready to just relax, so I spent 4 days in Portugal lazing on the beach, followed by a day or two in Barcelona doing the same! If something like mindless beach bumming/partying interests you for a bit, maybe you could look into spending more time in Greece, or the south of France. Just a suggestion, but that's the beauty of backpacking and the internet. You have flexibility, but if you choose to book stuff, the internet makes hostel cancellations pretty easy!

agriadam 03-08-2006 03:32 PM

again I will restate as the others before me have stay flexable, don't make hostel reservations to far in advance becasue you WILL change your plans... I also noticed that you have spain/portugal listed for about 3 weeks but all you have is pamplona labled... If you are in the area I recomend going to la tomatino. Also teh rigatta in september is ver cool that takes place in Velincia and san sebastian respectivle.... San sebastion is one of my favs and if your interested I can get you a number of a lady who rents our her spare bedrooms to travelers and speaks no english.... she was the nicest lady I had ever met.... you stay in the center of town in a real house and if you are nice to her she will cook for you.

lauren313 03-08-2006 04:30 PM

In England, I would reccommend Cambridge rather than Oxford. It's such a lovely place, just the right mix of olde worlde and modern. Lots of good shops too! Plus, if you're getting the train there from London, you will pass through my hometown... Look out for Stevenage!

simply_angelic 03-08-2006 06:27 PM

when you go to spain and portugal...leave a good amount of time for portugal. It's my favourite place ever (well so far) relaxed and completely different from the rest of europe. Portugal is very quaint. I loved it. Your itinerary looks good though...ugh you're making me want to running w/ the bulls again though *tear* have fun!

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