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Default Dude! Peru in 2 months.

So I used to be on this message board and it looks as tho I forgot my username and password - I've backpacked quite a few places tho.

I bought a roundtrip ticket from Dallas to Peru for 572 dollars on a whim from June 9th through June 29th. I'm flying into Lima and then from there I have no plans other than to be crazy Kerouac style and just live it up.

I'm willing to take buses and plan on going to Machu Picchu at some point but other than that, no ideas.

Any suggestions, or can you point me to similar Peruvian posts? I speak pretty good spanish, fyi.

David (used to Peramoure, I think)
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Best bet is the South America forum-I glanced at it and noticed some posts about Peru-have fun its a country I would love to see
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Hi David.

Here are a few things to see and do in Peru:
- Pisco: Ballestas Islands
- Huacachina: Sand Boarding
- Nazca: Nazca Lines
- Arequipa: Colca Canyon
- Cuzco: Machu Picchu
- Puno: Uros (floating islands)
- Copacabana: Isla del Sol

There's a lot to see in Peru (depending on what you're into), but that should be a good starting point.

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I have another question. I have all the backpack gear, lightweight tents, bags, blah blah blah, etc. First, any SPECIFIC reccomendations of clubs or great places in Lima or Cuzco or any other big cities on clubs? And any specific locations that you would say are your favorite?

I also like recreational drug use, which I will elaborate on in my next question. I am not going to buy anything from anyone in the street.

Can I, and will I, be arrested if I walk into a pharmacy and ask specifically for some sort of opiate. By opiate, I mean lortab, hydrocodone, oxycontin, dilaudid, etc or anxiety meds like valium, xanax, etc. I'm 26, intelligent, and have experienced about every drug out there, but I want to know what is legal and so forth. I looked at this article:

ww.livinginperu.com/news-11806-health-peru-43-percent-people-who-buy-medicines-tend-self-medicate]Living in Peru News Peru: 43 percent of people who buy medicines tend to self-medicate

And thought I might be able to buy something along those lines. Obviously oxycontin or dilaudid are much more hardcore, but can I buy the others? For instance, codone is legal in Canada combined with tylenol and caffeine and I would imagine I could buy this over the counter. BUT - could I walk up to a pharmacist and and them for something specific?

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may want to just google that URL headline, because from what I was reading about half of the population buys medicine from the pharmacy without seeing a doctor.
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