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I NEED HELP- ASAP! Need quick help? PLEASE POST ONLY URGENT QUESTIONS HERE! We´ll try to answer you within 24hrs. See Europe by train
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hi im sorry for posting this twice but i cant delete it from the other forum and im getting a bit paniced and need help...sorry
ok im leaving in like 5 days and still havent got a rail pass(and dont know if i should)
im going to france,belgium,the netherlands and germany 4 like a month!!
i was just looking up french train times(which i cant understand!! ) and they seem really pricey €230 from nice-paris....i really had not anticipated these kinda prices for gettin from a to b!
so i was going to get an interrail pass.... but it says on the terms and conditions that it only offers a reduction on some journeys and that also some journeys must be reserved!
how the hell to i find out how much i do have to pay before i go over(any website suggestions?) and how do i reserve when they want to post me the train i wont be here to collect them!!

please anyone who has opted for this option....share as much as possible because i am utterly clueless!!

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If you don't get the information you're looking for online in the next day, I wouldn't hesitate to call an interrail agency and actually talk to a clerk about the pros and cons. Being from Canada, I've only ever dealt with Eurail passes, and I know the rules are different, so I can't give you specific advice about that.

However, I can confirm that some train trips can be wretchedly expensive (though traveling 2nd class and on less speedy/direct trains can save you $$$$$ - ie. taking a high speed train or ICE is going to cost a lot more than slower, regional trains).

Another place to check for schedule (and some pricing) information is the German train site, It's great for schedule info, though the pricing info tends to be a bit spotty in my experience. At least it will give you an idea of alternates to the ICE routes, if those don't qualify under your pass.

If you do decide to get a pass, you should be able to go to an agency and pick it up, I should imagine. Last time I bought an Eastrail pass, I just went into a travel agency, plunked down the money and walked out with the passes. I don't think they only have to be delivered by mail, but again, you can confirm this by contacting an agent.

Good luck, and I hope that you get more specific advice here in the next few hours.

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thankx for your help!
its more confusing than i thought, i can buy my rail pass here in ireland but i must use that to buy/reserve further tickets on the ever overprices trains!... iv emailed 'the web master' and gonna try track down a number..

it sucks because the website has a whole lotta terms and conditions which are just a tad confusing, firstly it says from once you buy your pass you can travel freely x for x ammount of days..

then it tells me this..:
"If your Inter Rail pass includes zone A and/or zone E, it provides you with a specific ‘pass’ price.
f your Inter Rail pass includes the zones of the entire journey, it provides you with a reduced ‘Pass’ price in Comfort 2.
....and it goes on and on like that.."

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