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General Travel Tips and Advice Have you traveled before?- Please share your tips and advice with fellow Tpunks!

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Hey All,

I am planning a trip with my brother to the UK. We are planning on going to England, Ireland, and Scotland within 18 days. My quandry is that I have never been outside of the US except for Canada. I live in NYC so the hussle and bussle of London does not worry me at all, I am actually really looking forward to it. My brother seems to think that I will be completely overwhelmed on this trip. He has advised me not to pack in a suitcase but get a backpack. I can see why, but with only 3 weeks to the trip, I still haven't had the chance to buy one, let alone look at them.

I am also in a dilemma of what to pack. Weather is a concern. I am naturally cold natured (I get cold easily) but when I am hot, I am hot. So what do I look to bring. I am trying to take into concideration that we are not going to be doing the major touristy things like museums, castle tours and such. I want to hang with the locals in the pubs and get pissed off my ass. I want a good ol time with out worries.

So if anyone has some helpful hints on how to plan in the short time that i have on what to pack, what to buy, and where to go, then by all means, please help me out. Thanks all!!!
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What to pack: Layers. Layers. Layers. With variable weather in the area, ranging from shit-cold to ass-hot at times, layers are muy importante. Remember one waterproof one on top, no matter what time of year!

Backpack: Yes, get it. If you're going to be traveling around between England, Scotland, and Ireland, you're going to want it! Dragging a suitcase from the airport to the train and over cobblestone streets sucks...

Hanging with locals: I dunno Scotland, but I know it's super-easy at just about any pub in Ireland. Go, park your ass at the bar, order some pints, and talk to whomever's next to you. Very friendly! England isn't quite as open like that, but if you pick a good locals pub - preferably a small one w/o much space between people - you can surely strike up conversation w/ the locals and have a good night out. Keep in mind that in the UK pubs close at 11:00 - after that, you either have to head to a club, a late bar, or if you've been lucky enough to make good friends with the locals, a lock-in. (Where you go in a pub after-hours, they lock the door, and the party continues...)
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im sure you will have to any problems meeting people, were quite friendly on this side of the ocean and we like to drink. so you will be fine.

if you want any advice im right here, and i live here so we may manage a meet up at some point.

let me know what citys your thinking of going to

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We will be flying into London on the 2nd and immediately flying over to Dublin to get a large majority of the traveling done in 1 day. We are staying there for a couple and going to some towns in Ireland ( I don't know yet - that is my brothers area to figure out) then we are flying to Glasgow. We plan on going to the Highlands, St Andrews? and Hopefully Doune Castle(Monty Python fan!!!). I also wanted to find where the last Harry potter movie was filmed in scotland to visit there. Then we are driving done through England to Manchester and back to London. I will be there until the 20th. Any other city/town suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I like to bring fleece stuff, something warm yet its not crazy hot I rekon its good for that kidna climate and yes osmethingwater proof other thent that T's should be ok
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Hey there New yorker!

Judging by our 'great summer; here in England, your best bet will be some 'rain' gear. Its quite warm at the mo but we are suffering from rain, rain and ooh a bit more rain! So i think NYC and England are very similar in conditions.. when its cold its cold and when its hot its not bad

I am so glad im flying to Sydney Australia on Sunday!

My uncle over there says its unseasonably warm and the locals have shorts on.


Anyhoo, enjoy England and the British isles and make sure you visit Liverpool (my home town) the locals are great and we have some swinging night spots if thats your bag.

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Hey NYC if you are headed to Manchester you will get to meet more people than you believe. They are some of the greatest people in England in my opinion. I am a Manchester United Fan so my views are a little bias. LOL

As far as Scotland goes it's a lot like Ireland with the Pub scene. Just walk on in and you will be instantly over come with people looking to speak to you. I hope you have a great trip. Ohh almost forgot, your brother is completely right about the backpack. You will be miserable if you bring a suit case with the cobblestone streets, not sure about how your cash is but I just bought a new pack from The North Face and it is great. Below is a link for a little smaller version of mine made for women oh and it is on sale on the internet.

North Face Women's Pivotal 60

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