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BOOYAHKASHAA! See Europe by train
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Hey everybody!

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I'm still kicking out here on the other side of the world.

I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks as I traveled from site to site in what has become a big game of Peace Corps Musical Chairs.

On the plus side, however, training is just about finished, and I finally know where I will be living for the next 2 years! My site is called Tadighoust, and it's quite literally a desert oasis with palm tree forests, scorpions, cobras, and everything! It's at the border of the High Atlas Mountains and the great Sahara so it's obviously going to be pretty hot.

The work is going to be interesting, spanning the gamut with jobs like teaching English, educating people about trachoma, digging wells, and building a dam in order to feed an extensive irrigation network. Fun stuff!

I'm almost there, but there's still one week of training left. Right now I'm in the city of Ourzazate where the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" is being filmed. It stars the guy that played Aragorne in the Lord of the Rings movies. I've seen it in the distance with a huge castle set and everything. Looks pretty neat, and now I have a movie to talk about and say "Hey, I was there!"

As always, more in-depth information can be found at my travel site which is now a little easier to find:

On May 21st I will be in my new home. Within a week or so I will have a proper mailing address, which will be posted on the site for those interested. Care packages of junk-food, DVDs/CDs, and anything else anyone cares to send will be graciously accepted.

Well, dinner is in a few minutes so I've got to wrap things up. All the best to the TP'ers!

Stay Safe,
Where is my home?

Where my pack lays,
The music plays,
And sweet love stays.

Who for more could ever want?
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IT is so good to hear from you!!!! So you are almost done with training that will be nice you went through a lot
We will have to see that movie when it comes out!!! that is really cool!!!
Take care and let us know your address so we can send lots of junk-food, dvds and cds

have fun and stay safe
" Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out then it's not the end." - unknown

T & A rule!!!

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Wow, your expirience sounds like the quinessential Peace Corps one. Thats great.
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