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Hi Everyone, this is my first backpacking trip ever and I'm starting to plan it.

Right Now my plans for Europe are (In order of travel):
  • England (3 days)
  • Paris (3 Days)
  • Versailles (1 Day)
  • Rome (3 Days)
  • Florence (1 Day)
  • Venice (1 Day)
  • Milan or Pisa/Cinquo Terra (sp?) (1 Day I'm still deciding over which one)
  • Interlaken Switzerland (2 Days)
  • SOMEWHERE IN GERMANY (Still undecided I have no clue 3 days)
  • Amsterdam (2 days)
  • Brussels (2 Days)
  • Edingborough (3 Days)
  • Back to London (1 day)
Does that sound good? Is it too ambitious?? Any Recomendations anyone?? Should I cut down on some cities to spend more time in others? I'm soo inexperienced in this.

Anyone recommend anything else? I know this sounds pure trophy trip, but my reason for so many places is so that I can go some other time and view the places i liked most a bit more :D

Thanks for any help!
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Hi there. I'd say it's a teensy bit ambitious. For one thing, you're going to get there and half (or more) of your plans are going to go out the window. For another, that's a bit of an exhausting pace you've set for yourself, even with the idea of just getting a quickie view and then coming back later. If possible, you may want to cut out a couple of places and try to give yourself more like 3 days in each location rather than the 1 & 2-day stops you have. And transit is going to eat up a lot of time-- budget at least one day for, say, Paris to Rome.

As far as Germany goes, I highly recommend Munich. Bavaria in general is absolutely lovely. But like I said, you could get there, fall in love with a place and decide to stay a week or more. Have a great time!
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Cripes, are you the guy the brother in "Euro Trip" is based after? :D

Allow yourself some time. Plan around having a day or two extra somewhere. Get a rough idea of what areas you'd like to visit. Then stay until you feel its time to move on... or at least have seen something of the city.
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Wow, yeah, that's pretty ambitious! You're gonna get on like this guy:

I would most definitely just focus on a smaller number of cities for a longer amount of time.. 3-5 days per city is usually good, sometimes a week for bigger ones, maybe less for the smaller... For instance, a proper round of London or Paris would take at least 4 days each, IMO, just to get a feel for them. Otherwise, you're going to spend more time on the train than in the cities!

Example: You can fold Versailles into the Paris part and make that 4 days - it's only a 45-minute RER train ride away from the city and you'll be back in town by the late afternoon.. No need to make that a separate day on the trip, as you'd have to go back to Paris to head off to your next destination anyhow.

Also, if you "base" in a handful of the bigger cities for, say, 5 days at a time, you can get day-trips to other nearby places on the cheap through your hostel, but have the luxury of not having to lug your backpack around everywhere. It makes for a much nicer, more relaxing trip, and you still get to see a LOT - and better yet, immerse yourself a bit in each area.
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hi, yeh that looks quite ambitious but i didnt something simlar myself on my first backpacking trip which was amazing but now i wish i had spent longer in some places becuase all the travel really wears u out. I think the route i took was

amsterdam 2 days
hamburg 2 days
copenhagen 2 days
berlin 3 days
prague 3 days
krakow 2 days
bratislava 2 days
budapest 3 days
vienna 1 day
venice 3 days
rome 3 days
interlaken 1 day
prague 3 days again
munich 1 day

im sure you will have a brilliant time whatever you do anyway
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