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Australia/NZ/S Pac. Backpack´n Kangaroo jack´n down-under...What is Vegemite? See Europe by train
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Default Somewhere cheap, open to anywhere!

Hi Guys,

So I get a month pretty much off at the end of the year when our office closes down and I don’t want to waste my time like I did last year – I was originally thinking of going to Europe/USA for 6-8 weeks but flights are crazy, my next thought was Thailand, once again flights are crazy.

So I think I want to do OZ – any suggestions more than welcome!

My only criteria is that its cheap, I’ll fly from Auckland or wellington, depending on the price difference.

So what are the cheap airlines in OZ?? I’ve got pacific blue, jet star and tiger air so far – anything good to say about tiger air? I’ve heard they’re not very timely – but if they’re cheap what do I care?!

Where are there usually cheap flights?

I looked up NZ > Thailand and its at least $2200NZD at that time of the year return, but if I go the very long way Auckland > Melbourne > Perth > Thailand and back the same way its approx $1500NZD – that is provided I can book Tiger Air flights from NZ, which if anyone knows the answer to that please let me know!!

Other options are Bali, Malaysia – air asia seems to have deals here but once again not sure if I can even book the flights since they originate in OZ.

My other thoughts were to do something like Auckland > Melbourne > Hobart > Sydney > Auckland and spend a bit of time in each place – I’ve been to Melbourne before but really enjoyed it so would prob spend a couple of days there.

Otherwise options are Cairns – which I heard is rainy season at this time of the year? If this is correct I think I’ll give it a miss this time round. Or Ayers Rock / Alice Springs – but I’m going to guess it’d be pretty bloody hot there at this time of the year.

Then another idea was to travel the south island of NZ for a month since I’ve never been to the far south but going overseas sounds so much more exciting!

So yeah just throw out any suggestions you may have, budget airlines, cheap bus companies etc are all helpful – where do you guys go when you want to get away??

Yeah very long yet vague question, sorry bout that!

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All I can suggest is be wary of Thailand. I just wrote an assignment for school on this very topic. There are some pretty serious massive street riots going on now. And its been on and off for almost two years, Red Shirt vs Yellow Shirts. In 08 the Yellow Shirts besieged both of the major Thai airports, and right now the Red Shirts are camped out in central Bangkok.
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South Africa But flights here are pretty expensive.

I think oz would be awesome - and Teri is there!
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How much is it to go to Figi? I would love to go there-otherwise Australia sounds great!
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You can book AirAsia flights online as far as I know - at least, I'm pretty sure I bought my Melbourne - Kuala Lumpur flight while I was still in the US.

For cheap, I'd definitely say that SEA would work out cheaper over Australia in long-run costs despite the extra cash needed to get there, and it's really not that bad if you fly budget. Plus it'd be a bigger cultural difference which is a big plus for me, and once you fly into say Malaysia, there are a ton of cheap flights all over the place so you could hit Borneo or Thailand or Cambodia or Vietnam...hehe.

Going to OZ could be fun although honestly I found to be too much like the US and too much city especially the east coast. If you're looking for party and more beach then you'll probably enjoy it, although my personal favorite was my month in West Australia in the middle of the Outback with couchsurfers, just driving in a 4wd for thousands of miles and seeing no one and just drinking in the vast empty rugged beauty of the place.

South Island NZ gets my vote too! I LOVED it. Did it super cheap by hitchhiking everywhere, couchsurfing, and freedom camping. It's a simply gorgeous place and people were SO lovely and accommodating. So much epic tramping to do too. Gotta give your own country some love, that's how I started!

Good luck deciding, I wish I was making a similar choice!

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