View Full Version : Dumb Questions for First Time Travelers

  1. First Time Backpacker. Europe to Asia
  2. Itinerary/Budget Advice for a New Traveler :)
  3. I'M READY TO GO!!!! Except for 2 things.. :/
  4. Packing list ..
  5. How to Pack??
  6. Frustrated about tickets
  7. will I have enough ?
  8. Ever tried selling stuff on the road?
  9. Work Visas and volunteering
  10. Backpacking and clueless
  11. Phone (Service) and Communicacion!
  12. where to exchange?
  13. "overstaying" my visa
  14. Cheapest Way to Visit 3 Countries
  15. I'm American, but should I look Canadian?
  16. Meeting People at Hostels
  17. transporting alcohol
  18. Tel-Aviv in t-minus 7 days! :)
  19. Working out/ workout clothes while traveling
  20. A lot of questions :]
  21. Show us ya Bagz!
  22. Why we travel ??? For all you first timers out there!!!!
  23. Cash in Hand Advice
  24. Adaptors / Convertors / Transformers? Help!
  25. advice?
  26. what are Visas
  27. Washing clothes in Hostels w/o laundry service!
  28. Bike locks
  29. Carry-on Dimensions
  30. meeting people. groups, tours etc.
  31. password
  32. getting around with no i.d.
  33. ICE trains
  34. Nomal backpack weight loaded?
  35. Frisbee/Disc Golf Abroad
  36. Syrian Visa question
  37. 17yr old- Trouble Entering Countries?
  38. Money Belts & Pepper Spray
  39. Dublin Customs & Cigarettes
  40. What do the numbers on a pack mean?
  41. Money matters in Europe
  42. Pretend to be Canadian or...
  43. is a TEFL certificate really useful?
  44. Vaccines for Asia
  45. Hostels and passes
  46. Electricity in UK
  47. Europe trains: Should buy tickets for trains and ferries ahead of time or
  48. Say a hostel room is 20 bucks for the night and there are two people...
  49. Which credit card to bring?
  50. Eurail vs Rail pass
  51. Hitchhicking Europe
  52. My passport got a bit of water damage on the fron cover...
  53. price per room or person?
  54. Eurail Question: I am travelling to madrid then to malaga, valencia and...
  55. Europe Hospitality: What are people generally like in Europe?
  56. Do I have to get a visa for each country I go to or what?
  57. Can I use my ipod in Europe?
  58. Are meals included on international flights?
  59. Are there public restrooms in most large cities...
  60. Trolley bus
  61. In hostels, sleeping bags or sheets?
  62. Long flights to Europe
  63. Rent a car from Canada to U.S.
  64. Cigarettes in Spain
  65. Europe for under 17?
  66. When should I plan my route?
  67. Budgeting for Europe
  68. London Casinos
  69. Euros
  70. Booking ahead?
  71. Drinking age
  72. Sleeping in hostel
  73. hostels in winter

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