June 19, 2024

Backpacking Solo: “Why you have to travel SOLO!”

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Every year there are countless of first time backpackers and travelers wondering if they should backpack and or travel solo.

Is it worth it to backpack alone or travel solo? How do you meet people while backpacking solo? Is it safe to travel alone? Will I get lost backpacking Europe alone

Here’s a good post from a traveler on our college travel message boards who braved the world and backpacking Europe solo.

He explains why you have to travel solo.

Your first time traveling alone can be a bit scary at first. It might take a week or two before you get used to it. But soon you figure how to do it properly and have the best time of you life.

First of all you get to do whatever you want, Whenever you want and however you want. You wont have your friend nagging at you to do something you dont want to do.

Second of all when partying at night you can make a complete fool of your self and party so hard and meet so many people (I usually try to meet everybody, cause lots of people are boring and I want to find the cool ones). And most of these people will never see you again so who gives a shit. The cool people thinks its awesome you party so hard and have so much fun, so you exchange emails and all that shit, and who knows you might have a place to stay on your … Read whole post on our travel message boards.

One thought on “Backpacking Solo: “Why you have to travel SOLO!”

  1. Traveling alone takes a lot of courage. But again it is a very fulfilling thing if the traveler is a thrill seeker, I mean, wants to explore the world – alone. But nowadays, there seems to be a hindrance -> safety. With the recent news of killing sprees and anything of this sort, one may have to take a second glimpse before leaping…but backpacking travel can now be as easy as ABC. There are helps out there, just care to check like hotelbackpacker accommodation thing, and traveling the globe on a tight budget with offered help for single travelers.

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