June 19, 2024

Backpacking Europe This Summer? Remember To Do This!

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Reward Yourself


I am a firm believer that one should reward themselves from time to time.
Most people are right smack in the middle of the rat-race called life.

We bump and grind and slave all day and night to not get ahead in life, but to barely make ends meet or just get through mid-terms.

But as we play our part in the rat-race we do in fact have sporadic victories in life, both big and small, that go mostly go unnoticed because we forget to take time out to even do so much as a victory dance.

It’s a great shame because taking time out to reward yourself will add days to your life by lowering your stress and clearing your mind.

Being in the rat-race, most people operate their lives in “urgency mode.” Everything is urgent, urgent, urgent.

You see yourself as a “multi-tasker”
and the days all blend in and life always seems to be chaotic.

Sound familiar? If this isn’t you, then you know and or are surrounded by people like this. Just look around.
If you can relate to this, then don’t think that your mode of operation will automatically change the minute that you embark on your trip.

Nice try, slice.

What will end up happening is that you end up traveling on urgency mode. Hurry, hurry, hurry…we gotta go here, we gotta go there, we need to see this, we need to visit that, we need to try this out, we gotta……blah, blah, blah….
If this is you, then leave me alone! Hahaha…
I want to travel in peace!

Seriously, take time out throughout your trip and just wind down. Decompress and take it all in.

Look at it this way. You’ve been traveling on a budget and have stuck to that budget and in fact stayed well within your daily budget with a daily regimen on baguettes, ham and cheese (prevalent throughout Europe), a coke, and miscellaneous pastries….time to reward yourself.

When you reward yourself, don’t go crazy, but don’t deprive yourself of that scrumptiously delicious looking filet mignon in that fancy well know Parisian restaurant (or other fine local dining) down the street from the hostel that you are staying at.
Rewarding yourself will help you to keep the focus on what your trip is really all about- you. Nothing else, but you.

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

If these four aren’t in balance, then life can get all out of whack.

Here are some other reasons to have mini celebrations throughout your trip-

  • Reward yourself for finally executing your travel plans and “getting the hell out of Dodge.”

    Reward yourself for talking to 3 locals today in an effort to meet people and establish great friendships around the world.

    Reward yourself for finally seeing the Eiffel Tower- in person!

    Reward yourself for improving your foreign language.

    Reward yourself for not eating at McDonalds or Burger King for 2 weeks straight.

    Reward yourself for maintaining or staying well within your travel budget.

    Reward yourself for not using the internet for several days and forcing yourself to either write in a travel journal or read the local newspapers.

    Reward yourself for trying new things.

    Reward yourself for sticking to your diet or resisting things you are normally tempted by.

  • The more victories you celebrate the more uplifted your spirit will be and you will find this soothing to your soul.

    Create of list of things that you want to accomplish throughout your trip. Think of everything you can think of since its not often that you leave your home turf to backpack another country.

    If you can’t accomplish everything on your list, don’t worry about it. Make a commitment to visiting the same countries on your list again, sometime in the future.

    Remember, this trip is, among other things, a vacation from the rat-race you live in at home.

    So leave the chaotic lifestyle at home, slow down the pace so you can take it all in, and learn to reward yourself.

    Because it could be a while before you head back out on your next trip.

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