May 24, 2024

Backpacking Europe: The People You Meet

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Originally posted by : Lizz

Odessa TravelPUNK
Photo Credit: Aliza Scharf, UMBC

The people you meet while travelling have just as much place in your memory as the things/sites you see.So…who is the weirdest/most unique/craziest/interpret this how you want person you met on your travels?

When I was in Odesa, they at the hostel told me about this 33 year old Japanese man who after he left they discovered a pic of this naked woman in the safe he was using.

Then later that day some other people who were coming from Chisinau via Transdnister had also just traveled with him. I got to hear all the hype about him. Talks in his sleep, got 200 euro taken off him by the Transdnister border guards, all sorts of strange things. Didn’t think I’d ever meet the guy.

Well a few days later I went back to Lviv and the hostel owner told me a Japanese man had booked and the name sounded familiar. A few hours later he arrived. Yes granted he was a little strange but all and all a good guy. He didn’t speak much English and he spent most of his time on his laptop taling to himself but we did convince him to go to the Lychachiv cemetary with us. Very organized, had one of those huge timetable books.

Last I know he was headed to Krakow, so if anyone has met this guy let me know. He’s a legend!

In Lviv a guy who had 3 passports (Irish, British, USA) claimed he had…

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