Saturday, 4 Apr 2020

Backpacker Sex- How Do Backpackers Do It?

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Ever wonder how backpackers get it on while backpacking around Europe, or the rest of the world for that matter?

Let’s be real, we’ve all fantasized about “getting it on” when we travel. Am I right? Yep, that’s what I thought. Don’t feel guilty. That’s normal. After all, we’re only human and sex is a very primal thing.

Most backpackers stay at hostels for budget reasons which means that they often share dorm style rooms with many other backpackers.

Needless to say, privacy is hard to come by as travelers are coming in and out of these rooms at all hours of the day and night.

I mean, imagine that, sleeping in a room with 6, 8, 12, or even 50 beds! Man, you can’t even rub one out if you wanted too!

That being the case, how does one get their freak on in such a heavily trafficked environment?

You’ll be happy to know that you’re not the only one wanting answers on this topic. Seriously, I mean, like I said, sex is a very primal thing and we’re all thinking about how can we get our groove on.

Even this woman kept rubbing it out even AFTER she was arrested for publicly pleasing herself. Gutsy move to say the least.

So, that person has the balls to rub it out with handcuffs on in a cop car, then maybe “doing it” as silently as you can in a hostel room with multiple beds is pretty doable considering that you’re in another country, met someone new (possibly with a sexy accent), chemistry is at full throttle, and hormones are raging like a bat outta hell.

Well, shit Haas, putting it like that, you gotta get your spiff on!

On our popular backpacker message boards, we have at least 3 full threads devoted to this very topic with backpackers from around the world offering their tips and experiences.

You will first have to registered for FREE in order to view these threads as they are located in our “Let’s talk about sex” forum.

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backpacker message boards- thread two on sex in hostels
backpacker forums – thread three backpackers having sex

You’ll be able to get some good info on this much discussed topic=)

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