August 14, 2022

Backpacker Loses 40 lbs. Backpacking Europe!

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Thought that I would throw in a little bit of an appetizer before you go on to the meat and potatoes of this post.

My first trip to Europe was for 4 weeks with a 30 lb+ backpack. I walked like there’s no tomorrow and enjoyed this kind of forced natural exercise and to my amazement I had surprisingly lost 9 lbs!

Not bad, right? Turns out that ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.

Read Joey’s incredible story:

From sedentary to six km in one easy trip

We have mentioned (and many of us have experienced) the unintended consequence of losing weight while traveling. Between walking 5k-15km a day every day and having hit and miss meals I dropped about 40 pounds (18kg) over the course of 5 months in Europe.

When I came back home, I had a bit of deja vu. The same thing happened to me in 2006, and like with many people I quickly put the weight back on. By 2007 I was back to normal so I was determined to make this time different.

I went to a tread mill and walked a km, then said, what the heck let’s see if by losing weight I am able to run at 5mph for a while. In the past, I could get to 0.25 miles with some ease, but with 0.5miles I would have my tongue hanging out ready to throw up. Yet that day, I ended up running almost 2 miles (I stopped briefly midway to show my sister how to use the treadmill) continuously.

Long story short, I have been upping my distance every week, and I am at 4 miles (6.4km). A feat I have NEVER been able to do in my life. It is like I am a really lame superhero who just discovered a new power.

Anyway, I am going to run a 5k in Feb locally to check off an item on my life todo list. To traveling and the improvement of mind, body and spirit that comes with it


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Have you lost weight while traveling? How much?

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