July 22, 2024

9 made up words that perfectly describe our travel feels

Travel gives us sooo many feels… So we (AKA the Hostelworld Social & Content crew) have  attempted to summarise these feelings with brand new made up words! How many of the below definitions can you relate too?


1. Tripophobia

That horrible feeling of not having any new adventures to look forward too, eurgh, the same place for the foreseeable future. YAWN!

This (to us) is a genuine fear. Do you also have tripophobia? Cure yourself and book something now, before it’s too late! Swap that bucketlist for a ‘Booked-it list!’

Need inspiration? Here’s 18 incredible cheap places to travel that get you off the beaten track


2. Holgry

Mood whilst on holiday = ? Vs. Mood when not on holiday = ? Once again, there’s only one cure to stop your ‘Holger’… Get booking and you’ll be smiling again in no time!

Anywhere will do. How about Europe? Here’s 10 of the cheapest European cities to visittake your pick.


3. Triponometry

Forget trigonometry, they should teach triponometry in school. This is far more useful! We NEED adventure (because of our ‘holger’ and ‘tripophobia’) but our bank account has different ideas.

But do not fret, we are here to help. Check out our tips on how to find cheap flights and how to save money for travel, then do a bit of triponometry and away you go!



4. Beach-curious

They say ‘life’s a beach!’ To be perfectly honest, we don’t really know what that means! But what we DO know is that we want to explore, frollock and sleep on as many different beaches as possible.

Are you beach-curios, too? You’ll love the best beach hostels around the world (from just €2.50 a night!) Test yourself and see how many of the best beaches in Europe you have already explored.


5. Travsessed

Yes, we admit that we are well and truly travsessed. Travel makes our top 3 favourite things (pizza and dogs complete the list!)

We are passionate about helping YOU #Meettheworld,we love writing about the best hostels, creating authentic backpacker guides and sharing the best things to do in different countries around the world, all so we can hopefully make your backpacking trips bigger, better and cheaper! ?



6. Cheapflightophile

? I like cheap trips and I can not lie?  ? I don’t see nothing wrong, with a little bargain flight! ?  Sorry! We love cheap flights so much we got carried away making up weird remixes!

Anyway, cheapflightophile’s, we have a very special treat for you. Feast your eyes on these juicy tips, as we reveal how to find cheap flights! Phwoar!


7. Travitude

Have your sassyness levels reached new heights lately? Are you tutting and sighing way more than usual? Hmm, seems like you have some serious travitude. You should treat yourself.

Maybe one of the most popular solo travel hot spots take your fancy?



8. Sun-believable

Bob Marley once said/sung. “The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Makes you want to move your dancing feet.” And he was spot on. The glorious sun just makes you feel happier (and warmer, obviously!)

This amazing feeling deserves a word, so we made one up! If you want that sun-believable feeling back in your life, check out the best winter sun destinations that won’t blow your budget



9. Tripetite

New countries = new foods! And we want to try it all, please! Whilst you’re off exploring new places you may as well experience everything you can, embrace the culture and give your taste-buds a new treat.

You just might fall in love with one of these street food from around the world.



Can you relate to our made up words?! Do they describe your travel feels?

Share your own made up travel definitions below if you wish!

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