July 22, 2024

8 signs that reveal you have the incurable travel bug

Think you might have a case of the incurable travel bug, hey?! Find yourself constantly reminiscing about your past trip and itching to be on a new travel adventure? Well travel addict, you’re not alone. The contagious wanderlust affects millions of people around the world. If you do have the travel bug and find yourself addicted to travel, you’ll find yourself relating to many of the below symptoms.


1. You love asking “whereabouts are you from?!”

Picture the scenario. You meet someone new who is definitely not from your home country. Your brain starts ticking as you try to place the accent. You’ll either be bold and make the guess or you’ll ask them “whereabouts are you from?!” As you listen for the answer, your immediate thought is ‘I have/haven’t been there.’ If you have – jackpot! You get a small sense of pride and you can’t help but tell them your personal travel story of their home town/country. If you’ve not, you feel slightly annoyed with yourself! But you use it as an opportunity to ask for info, to see if you need to add it to your list. If it sounds like it’s worth a trip, get building that travel connection for top local tips!

addicted to travel - where are you from meme

2. Your social habits = travel pages

Your Facebook/Instagram feed is chock-a-block FULL of amazing images of beaut travel destinations all around the world. You get an overwhelming urge to like every travel pic/video, as you wish you were there.

addicted to travel - social habits

3. Music relates to places

You’ll hear an old song and it will take you right back to that travel memory. You’ll instantly be able to pinpoint the place you heard it and the people you were with – all the great memories will come flooding back! If you’re tipsy when you hear it, chances are you’ll record it as a terrible quality voice-note and send it to all your travel mates whilst slurring “miss you guys!”

addicted to travel - music relates to places


4. FOMO with travel emails/competitions

You just can’t bring yourself to unsubscribe to any travel emails. What if you miss out on something big?! Like an amazing hostel deal, a cheap flight, or some top tips for the place you’re heading to next! You just can’t take that risk. It’s the ultimate FOMO! Plus, you need to enter every travel competition possible. You never win, but you must keep trying. Someone has got to win it, and the more you enter the more your chances increase, right?! You are persistent and optimistic, surely your time is soon!

addicted to travel - FOMO


5. Cheap flight addictions

Admit it, you have an addiction to cheap flights. If you see a ridiculous deal to a place you’ve never been, you get an overwhelming desire to book. A special offer on a destination you’ve been thinking of MUST be a sign from the travel gods, it’s an opportunity for a new adventure and to tick a new place off your growing list. When you spot a mega-deal, you feel a rush of excitement, you notify your partner, friends or just say “f##k it” and go solo. There’s no way you’re missing that deal!

addicted to travel - cheap flight addictions


6. You’ve tried to turn your home into a hostel

You’ve been seriously contemplating getting bunk beds in your bedroom, you now refer to your living room as the ‘common room’ and your walls are full of random travel memorabilia (flight tickets, worldly beer mats, scratchy world-map etc.) People are always welcome to crash (the more the merrier) but they must BYOB and participate in beer-pong and various other drinking games that you learnt in hostels!

addicted to travel - home to a hostel


7. You have ‘tripophobia’ and get a ‘travitude’ if nothing’s booked

You really feel like you need to have a trip to look forward to. If you don’t have anything booked or any plans for the near future, you get very grumpy and frustrated with life! Once you have a trip booked, there’s hope and something exciting to look forward to. Every month is then a countdown until the big adventure!

addicted to travel - tripophobia

8. You’re still in touch with your hostel mates

It may have been years since you last had a reunion, but you don’t want to lose touch with these special people. You shared amazing moments, made unforgettable memories and you’ll be bound by that forever. You have a good old WhatsApp group chat and pipe up from time to time with an old embarrassing photo, travel tune or classic hostel story!

addicted to travel - hostel mates


9. You’re proud of your passport

The majority of people do all they can to hide their passport from the world, heaven forbid someone sees their dodgy criminal passport photo! But you can’t wait to whip it out and look through all your stamps. They act like a ‘travel treasure map’ revealing all the destinations around the world that you’ve left golden, treasured memories!

addicted to travel - passport


10. You read all of this blog!

If you’re here, it says it all! You probably found this article because of point 2 and you’ll probably share it with your old travel buddies (point 8!) If you’ve related to at least half of the above I can confirm you do have the symptoms of the incurable travel bug! I am no doctor, but I do know that if the symptoms are causing you some frustration, you best go book yourself a flight and a hostel

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