April 17, 2024

7 wonders of the (hostel) world that rival the Great Pyramid of Giza

There are countless wonders to behold in a world full of magical places, ancient relics, and unimaginable vistas. There are; however, places that truly stand out from the rest for their majesty, quality, and diversity. The 7 wonders of the (hostel) world are no exception. There are plenty of phenomenal hostels with beautiful decor, outstanding atmospheres, and the friendliest of staff; but, these seven have a little extra that take them from amazing to unbelievable. Follow along to be introduced to seven truly breathtaking wonders of the hostel world.

1. Calle 11 Hostel – Santa Marta, Colombia

Not only is Calle 11 Hostel the epitome of luxury, but it also has a unique history that sets it apart from the rest. Before being turned into the stunning hostel we know and love today, it was owned by the cartel and subsequently abandoned. You can only imagine what went on in there! But have no fear, it’s now a highly rated, immaculate hostel, complete with a pool, masseuse, and bar. This building has certainly become a lot less scary and a lot more fairy (get it, because of the lights?).

7 wonders of the hostel world - Santa Marta, Colombia

Stay in Calle 11 Hostel

2. Hostel Celica – Ljubljana, Slovenia

We can guarantee you’ve never slept somewhere like Hostel Celica (at least not on purpose). The building was once a military prison that has since been remodelled into a one of a kind hostel. You can still sleep in the prison cells, bars and all, but they’ve revamped the place to be much (MUCH) more comfortable. You’ll never want to leave your cell!

7 wonders of the hostel world - Hostel Celica – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stay in Hostel Celica

3. Lucky Lake Hostel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lucky Lake Hostel is ideal for anyone who’s in love with the great outdoors. It’s just like camping but with some SERIOUS luxury thrown in. Rows of colourful cabins and 1960s style caravans make up most of the accommodation space and are centred around a bright yellow bus that is outfitted as a communal space and kitchen. At night, Lucky Lake Hostel is lit up by multicoloured lights that bring the cosiness to the next level. Take a stroll along the lake and then kickback in one of the hammocks that make this wonder so amazing.

7 wonders of the hostel world - Lucky Lake Hostel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stay in Lucky Lake Hostel

4. Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden

Probably the most unique of them all, Jumbo Stay is an actual jumbo jet that has been re-purposed into a sleek, stylish hostel. Yeah, you read that right, it’s a jumbo jet. You can sleep in the cockpit, or even venture out onto the wing to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air- basically everything you’ve ever wanted to do on an actual flight!

7 wonders of the hostel world - Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden?@filipshobot

Stay in Jumbo Stay

5. Casa Elemento – Minca, Colombia

Casa Elemento is where you come to be free. It features nightly campfires, jaw-dropping sunsets, and one of the largest hammocks in the world; all nestled among the amazing sounds of the jungle. There’s nothing quite like hanging out (literally, lol) in a hammock, listening to toucans and howler monkeys. This (hostel) wonder has all the ingredients for an unforgettable experience and photos you’ll be ogling over forever.

7 wonders of the hostel world - Casa Elemento – Minca, Colombia

Stay is Casa Elemento 

6. Hub New Lisbon Hostel – Lisbon, Portugal

How do you make a hostel that already has a lounge terrace with outdoor showers, an artisanal bar, beautiful rooms, foosball tables, and bumping night life even better? You put a ball pit in it, that’s how. Hub New Lisbon Hostel is the only hostel in the world where you can explore all day, shower off outside, enjoy a fancy bevvy, and then jump in a ball bit like you did when you were five. After all, why should children have all the fun?

7 wonders of the hostel world - Hub New Lisbon Hostel – Lisbon, Portugal

Stay in Hub New Lisbon Hostel

7. Fauzi Azar Inn – Nazareth, Israel

Fauri Azar Inn will give you a healthy dose of history and culture before you even leave the hostel. It’s located in a 200-year-old Arab mansion that will blow your mind; and they turn it up a notch by setting up daily tours of old Nazareth, Arabic lessons, cooking workshops, and music nights. It’s a complete cultural immersion!

7 wonders of the hostel world - Fauzi Azar Inn – Nazareth, Israel

Stay in Fauzi Azar Inn


These 7 hostels are remarkable for their unique approach to offering their guests an unforgettable experience in unforgettable places. The best part? There are hostel wonders for every kind of traveller; solo wanderers, couples, and groups, partiers and history enthusiasts alike will be blown away by the uncommon atmospheres that are brought to life in the 7 wonders of the (hostel) world.

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