April 16, 2021

15 Australian desserts, snacks and spreads that will have your mouth watering

Australia, the supposed ‘deadly’ country where every creature is either out to bite, chase or swoop you. Feast your eyes on a list of Australia’s best desserts, snacks and spreads that might actually be worth dying for. Should you ever find yourself living the life down under make sure to taste test every.single.one. of these treats!

Here are our top 15 Australian desserts:

1. Pavlova

The ultimate Australian dessert. Pop this bad boy on the top of your bucket list and feast on a slice (or slices tbh) of pavlova under the sizzling hot Aussie sun on Christmas Day. Pavlova is a famous summer dessert in Australia that will have every kid (and adult) around the table battling for a second slice and if you’re the guest that brings it to a dinner party, well, needless to say, you’ll quickly be the crowd favourite. This meringue-based dessert comes in a wide range of variations, one of the best being the chocolate pavlova served with an abundance of fresh berries. Some people like the crisp outer shell while others adore the marshmallow centre, just add a little-whipped cream and fresh fruit to this mouthwatering dessert and you’ll find yourself questioning why this heavenly dessert didn’t enter your life sooner.

Australian Desserts Pavalova

2. Jaffles

The humble home snack. Two pieces of bread, toasted, pressed and sealed around the edges loaded with your filling of choice. Oozing with cheese and/or overflowing with tinned spaghetti, the classic Australian jaffle will leave you very satisfied. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your fillings, the options are truly endless.

A hot tip from us: Find yourself a jaffle press to take camping because campfire jaffles are pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself.

3. Vegemite

You’ve been waiting to read about this one, I can feel it. What in the world is it and why do Australians brag about it all around the world you wonder? The questions are endless about Australia’s wonder spread and rightly so. It all began way back in 1922 when a young chemist developed the spread which is rich in Vitamin B from brewer’s yeast. It’s hard to find anything else that’s been so well embraced like Vegemite, so grab a knife and spread it on anything you can get your hands on but before you go too wild with it, keep it simple and get it on your toast.

Australian Desserts Vegemite

4. Anzac biscuits

If you find yourself in Australia during April, you’ll be in prime time to devour Australia’s favourite cookies. A famous recipe that originated from Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) established in World War I. The biscuits were sent by women to soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily. A biscuit comprised of oats and golden syrup, they’re very delectable.

5. Lamingtons

Lamingtons are an absolute treat, let me tell ya. Referred to as the “National Cake of Australia” – a sponge cake, covered in chocolate and then topped with desiccated coconut. I’ll repeat that again for you, sponge cake covered with chocolate *mouth waters*. To be fair though, anything covered in chocolate is a big win in our books. Lamingtons are perfect for those lazy afternoons where you just want to put your feet up, kick back with your friend and sip away on a ‘cuppa’ tea.

Australian Desserts Lamington

6. Fairy bread

Buttered bread with multi-coloured sprinkles (known as 100s and 1000s) is any young Aussie kids dream. The sprinkles are layered on fresh, super fluffy white bread and served in small bite size triangles. Sadly, unless you’re attending a children’s party, you may struggle to find the elusive ‘fairy bread’ in the wild. Alas, grab yourself a fresh loaf of white bread and drizzle the little rainbow sprinkles on until your heart’s content.

7. Tim tams

The first item that any Australian expat hopes to receive in an ‘I miss home’ care-package. A Tim Tam consists of two malted biscuits sandwiching a light chocolate cream filling and coated with a thin layer of textured chocolate. If that doesn’t make you want to (shout yeah boi) come to Australia, we don’t know what will. I should warn you though they’re pretty dangerous, before you know it you’ll have demolished the whole pack without even noticing (oops). The ultimate way to eat them is a TIM TAM SLAM! Nibble one corner off (diagonally) each side of the biscuit and use it as a straw to sip your tea, hot chocolate or coffee. The warmth of the drink will melt the Tim Tam, so eat it quickly and enjoy your visit to food heaven.

Fun fact: Each year 35 million packs are sold, which is 400 million biscuits and with numbers like that the deliciousness speaks for itself.

Australian Desserts Tim Tams

8. Twisties

Twisties are a fun cheesy corn-based snack. They’re curly and squiggly in shape and not much bigger than your small finger. Fill up a bowl and chuck a movie on and Twisties will be sure to satisfy any cravings to snack.

9. Chocolate Crackles

We hope you like chocolate because chocolate crackles are a mouthwatering combination of chocolate, coconut and of course the feature ingredient, rice bubbles. You’ll find these hiding in the corners of cake stalls, but don’t worry you can also make them very easily by melting together the three ingredients mentioned above.

A hot tip from us: A punnet of strawberries accompanies the beloved chocolate crackles very, very well.

10. Golden Gaytime

There isn’t anything much better than spending a scorching day at the beach to then go and grab a Golden Gaytime to cool off afterwards. The Gaytime is an extremely popular vanilla and toffee ice-cream snack made even better by the delicious layer of chocolate and honeycomb crumbs on the outer layer. It entered the Australian ice-cream market in the 1960s and with the amount of love we have for them they won’t be leaving anytime soon.

11. Shapes

The name doesn’t give away a whole lot but it’s time to pack your pockets with these addictively delicious savoury biscuits. With such a vast array of flavours you won’t be short on options and while they may not be an accurate representation of the food itself, you’ll certainly be hooked after a few handfuls.

Australian Desserts shapes

12. Iced Vovos

By now you can probably guess the secret ingredient to a successful Australian snack – coconut. The Iced Vo Vo is another one of Australia’s long loved biscuits. Described back in 1904 as ‘delicious and dainty’, the Iced Vovo has a strip of jam down the centre and icing on the outside.

13. Chiko Roll

Back on the savoury bandwagon, the classic Chiko roll was actually inspired by the Chinese sing roll. Back in the 50’s, it was sold as a ‘Chicken Roll’ despite it not containing the main ingredient; chicken (mind-blowing, we know). It’s filled with all sorts of nutrition including cabbage, green beans, beef, carrot and much more. It’ll help warm you up on a cold winters day and keep your hands cosy as you watch a game of AFL (Australian Football League). With no knife, fork or even plate required to eat this tasty treat, they’re a no stress, no mess kind of feed making them the perfect treat to eat on the go.

14. Cherry ripes

Australia’s oldest and most popular chocolate bar. The Cherry Ripe bar is a magical combo of cherry, coconut, and smooth chocolate. Whether it’s a bar from the supermarket or a homemade treat, either option will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

australian desserts - Cherry ripes

15. Fantales

One of the most distinctive Aussie lollies with their yellow and blue paper wrapping makes them hard to miss. Inside this vibrant wrapper is a bite-size chocolate filled with a hard caramel. They’re best devoured with friends, otherwise, you have no one to play trivia with or discuss your newfound fun facts. If you take a moment, you’ll find the wrapper is very informative with information about big-time movie stars.

Well, there you have it! 15 Australian desserts, snacks, and spreads that you must try before you die… I mean before you leave Australia. Other special mentions include Weetabix and the sausage roll, plus anything else an Australian can convince you to eat.  Off you go now, you better nourish that rumbling stomach of yours.

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