February 29, 2024

10 travellers you’ve probably met in a hostel

Disclaimer: We apologise for being very very stereotypical! There is no offence or sassyness intended. But be honest, we’ve all met a few of these travellers during our hostel stays.

How many of these guys do you recognise? And which one are you?!


1. The party animal

(Read in David Attenborough voice)

The party animal will often be seen grazing in bed into the early afternoon. You may hear moans and groans of regret from decisions they made the prior night. Once finally awake, they slowly head towards a watering whole (the hostel kitchen!) Here, other members of the herd (hostel) remind the party animal of their hilarious antics! As the evening sets in, the party animal gets their speakers and puts on some classic tunes. They crack open some form of cheap alcohol and persuade everyone to play drinking games. They are true entertainers and a great laugh to have around the hostel

Strengths: Strong music playlists, including all the party starters such as Vengaboys and Sean Paul

Weaknesses: No chance of an early morning excursion

Trademark: Obsessed with beer-pong

hostel traveller types - The party animal

2. The spiritual hipsters

These guys really embrace the freedom of travel! You’ll probably find them wearing baggy yet seriously comfy MC Hammer pants, usually featuring elephant print! You’ll enjoy real deep chats with these travellers, they see the beauty in the world and will help you appreciate just how amazing travelling is.

Strengths: Deep chats about how amazing dogs and travel are

Weaknesses: Healthy smoothies. They can’t resist them

Trademark: Handmade bracelets/anklets from every country they’ve ever visited

hostel traveller types - The spiritual hipsters

3. The “I quit my job” traveller

This person will be seen embracing the travelling life, enjoying every adrenaline activity in their way, letting their hair down after realising there’s so much more to life than work. They don’t really plan ahead, they live in the moment. Everything is pretty impulsive, on a whim, letting off steam from the job they hated… and as a result, they often don’t ration their dollar so well! This means their travels are usually similar to fireworks: Amazing, explosive, but over pretty soon.

Strengths: Will probably get the first round in

Weaknesses: Budgeting

Trademark: Here for good time, not a long time

hostel traveller types - I quit my job

4. The phone addict

They’ve come away to see the world, but unfortunately they’re living way too much of their adventures through a screen! They should be out meeting new people, but they get heavily distracted by their phone, whatsapping friends and family back home and trying to make them jealous with hourly updates on Instagram! They’ll take between 500-1000 selfies a day, making the most of all the “cute” filters available!

Strengths: Documenting your travels like your personal videographer

Weaknesses: Goes AWOL on nights out to face-time someone from back home

Trademark: Has a minimum of 2 portable chargers

hostel traveller types - The phone addict

5. The annoying couple

This brave couple decided to go travelling TOGETHER! Prepare yourself for all extremities of emotions when these guys are around. Ups and downs, smiles and frowns, love and hate… you’ll see it all. Make yourself scarce when any arguments start (you do not want to be dragged in to that!) and avoid being near when they finally make up; Their PDA is awks!

Strengths: Classic entertainment

Weaknesses:  There’s the odd ‘weird’ moment when sharing a dorm with a couple

Trademark: Expect at least one blazing argument over a jealous partner getting on ‘too well’ with a new hostel mate

hostel traveller types - The annoying couple

6. The know-it-all

This person has been everywhere, and as a result they have an opinion on EVERYTHING! Every beach, restaurant or bar you’ve visited, so have they. It almost feels like they are trying to sabotage your awesome stories by trying to better them. But they’re arent that bad, don’t stress – Yes it can be annoying, but they mean no harm!

Strengths: They will become your best friend if you ever get sick, as obviously they came prepared with a giant bag full of medication!

Weaknesses:  Awkward dance moves, like a drunken Auntie at a wedding!

Trademark: Two words… “I know”

hostel traveller types - the annoying couple

7. The newbie

This endearing fresh-faced go-getter is very new to travelling. They are a bit naive to backpacking at first, but they are quick to embrace their new life out of a bag and like a young pup, they get very excited by all new adventures.

Strengths: Endearing energy and enthusiasm

Weaknesses:  Not being able to stay out past 1am

Trademark: The classic University hoody to prove that they have recently graduated

hostel traveller types - The newbie

8. The wannabe musician

It’s hard to make it as a musician, but maybe travel could be the key to success (they think!) If the beautiful places you see and random stories you create don’t inspire you to make top tunes, what else will!
This person will never be seen without their guitar. They will seize every opportunity possible to start a sing-song, loving the limelight and taking requests… which obviously get cheesier the more drunk you get!

Strengths: Your personal jukebox, they’ll play (almost) whatever you want to hear

Weaknesses:  They refuse to play the ultimate crowd-pleasers (Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys etc.) due to fears of ruining their well-respected street cred

Trademark: The drunker they get the more they close their eyes when they sing! It’s the emotion!

hostel traveller types - The wannabe musician


9. The flash-packer

Think, a backpacker with a a much better budget! Although they are living out of a bag and sleeping on a bunk bed just like you, they try their best to style it out. State of the art rucksack, designer clothes, expensive sunglasses, camera, laptop and watch! Despite being a backpacker they can’t shake their materialistic desires! We are not sure where they are getting their money from, but they seem to be doing alright for themselves.

Strengths: Great laptop for film night in the dorm

Weaknesses: Spends a looooong time getting ready

Trademark: Happy to pay that extra bit for the better coffee

hostel traveller types - The flash-packer


10. The long-termer

This person really really loves travelling, like, to the point that they are almost scared to go home! (But they won’t admit it, of course.) It’s been such an amazing trip, they don’t want the magical-ness to end, so they’ll be do every random job they can to try and stay!

Strengths: These super-friendly and sociable individuals know a lot of life hacks e.g. Happy hours and 2 for 1 meals

Weaknesses:  Unable to join any excursions due to work commitments

Trademark: A LOT of Facebook friends!

hostel traveller types - The long-termer

How many (out of 10) do you recognise?

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