June 19, 2024

10 Best Hostels for Solo Travellers 2019

In lands far, far-away there are hostel guitars being strummed, dorms buzzing with ‘where have you come from?’ and hammocks filled with backpackers from all over the world. Travellers are making epic journeys across the planet, soul-searching, meeting the world and landing in hostels. As every traveller knows, there are many hostels out there, with every type of vibe, so no matter how you’re feeling there’s a hostel for you. Well this one’s for the solo travellers and we’re going to share with you the Hoscar winning, ‘Best Hostels for Solo Travellers 2019.’

If you don’t know what The Hoscars is, where have you been? Oh, on the road and busy with life-changing experiences – we hear ya! Well they are our annual awards, won by the very best hostels around the world . It’s the reviews you leave and the scores you give that defines which hostels win Hoscars.

If we tried to create a formula for what makes the best hostels for solo travellers, we’d probably fail. It’s the little things that open our wandering hearts and stamp these hostels in our souls. The huge welcome smiles, the communal areas alive with chatter, the events that make us feel included (free beer works well too) and that special hostel atmosphere. C’mon you know that feeling, it’s the one where you look around in awe that you are a million miles from home, but you’ve never felt so connected – your new hostel community is life itself.

Luckily for us we haven’t had to devise a scoring system, because there are a whole tribe of solo travellers navigating the globe and reviewing the hostels they stay in on their travels. That’s right, our Hoscar winning ‘Best Hostels for Solo Travellers 2019’, has been voted for by YOU!

Oh, and guess what? It’s our 20th birthday! (Send cake) Yep, that’s right, Hostelworld is celebrating 20 years of connecting backpackers to hostels all over the world.

So, without further ado… Let us take you on a journey, around the world, via the very best hostels for solo travellers. At number 10 we have:

10. Star Hostel Taipei Main Station (Taipei, Taiwan)

If your hostel goals are huge communal areas with so much beautiful light, adorned with plants and cosy spots to hang out with travellers, then helloooo Star Hostel Taipei Main Station. This absolute ‘Star’ can be found in a super cool area in Taipei, Taiwan – if it’s not on your list, it should be!

This beanbag filled, exotic summer house-esque hostel is dreamy and Instagrammable. But, why exactly have our solo travellers voted it into the top ten best hostels for solo travellers 2019? Well the heaps of lovely hang-out space make it a socialising dream, the regular movie nights bring backpackers together and the free coffee keeps even the most chilled backpacker perky! Oh, and The Alchemist Bar is buzzing and guests get a discount – that’s you!

Free breakfast is served every single day, the hostel staff have been voted as ‘Superb’ and one solo traveller said: “This place is amazing. I can’t describe it in any other words. The atmosphere was awesome, even as a solo traveller… people were willing to bridge the language barrier to talk to you. I stayed in a dorm room, but it basically could be a hotel room for how spacious and nice it was.” We could go on, but we reckon you’re probably going to check it out yourself…. Enjoy wanderers!


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9. Hostel Majdas (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

You guys! Our solo travellers have spoken and taken us off the beaten track. This family run hostel regularly welcomes travellers from all around the world (just check out their flags) and can be found in the stunning town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When we say stunning, we mean jaw-droppingly picturesque, with an Islamic bridge in the Old Town crossing the Neretva River – do a quick #Mostar search and prepare to be blown away!

Wanna know why solo travellers love Hostel Madjas SO much? This homely retreat is your family in another land! Warm welcomes and brekkie (it’s free!) in the hostel garden with your solo travelling tribe. This hostel attracts good people, or maybe it just gets the good out of its people, with their warm atmosphere and the daily trips – swimming in Kravice Waterfalls anyone? Time-travel to the medieval town of Blagaj? Ahh we’re sold!

A few words from one of this hostel’s fans: “26 countries and this is literally the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in… What really makes this place shine is how the owners receive you like a family, feed you and offer activities to increase the family bond you will surely become a part of.” Sweet huh!


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8. Hostel Lullaby (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Back on familiar turf, Hostel Lullaby is an absolute solo traveller’s gem, in everyone’s fave Chiang Mai. Have you even backpacked if you haven’t been to Chiang Mai?! It’s a top travelling hotspot for a reason and this reason is probably Hostel Lullaby! (Well the Hill-Tribe trekking, free-roaming elephants and uber-cool café culture are pretty decent too.)

The vibes are chill, and we imagine you’ll arrive, perhaps have a rain shower, head down to the cute and sociable common area and get stuck-in to the free bottomless snacks (whaaaat!). You’re making connections (not bffs yet) and thinking perhaps you’ll stay in, but then someone suggests a wander to the night market, with its hundreds of stalls with Thai foods and crafts. Sold!

Hostel Lullaby has the solo travellers raving about their stays for many reasons. Word from the backpackers: “I loved staying here! The rooms were nice and clean, air conditioned and the beds were soooooooo comfy”. Another nomad said, “Absolutely fabulous! Amazing staff! Great location! Really fun fellow travellers! They have cooking classes 2x per week for free!” That’s a lot of exclamation marks, we think she liked it.


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7. The House of Sandeman – Hostel & Suites (Porto, Portugal)

My my, this is a fancy hostel and Porto is arguably one of Europe’s trending destinations, having an absolute moment with the travelling community. So, this hostel is where the solo wanderers are hanging out. It’s an absolute delight!

Perhaps they’re here because of the majestic views across the River Douro, or the luxurious bedrooms (dorms and privates are both epic!) The free breakfast is always a winner, or could it be the friendly local staff and events that guarantee to get backpackers mingling? Oh wait… this hostel is in one of Porto’s most iconic buildings, on top of the Sandeman Wine Cellars. Hello port and wine tasting, goodbye afternoon exploring!

We ask our travellers to rate hostels on atmosphere and The House of Sandeman scored an incredible 9.5 out of 10. The reviews say it better than we can: “This hostel is amazing, and very good if you are travelling alone because you meet a lot of people. The staff are super nice… The best hostel I’ve stayed in my life.” Oh, go on then, and another: “The best hostel I have ever had the pleasure of staying in! The staff are friendly and welcoming and the hostel is BEAUTIFUL.” Porto is calling you, solo travelling friends!


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6. Adventure Queenstown Hostel (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Kia Ora Queenstown! You’ve heard the stories, and they’re all true. Queenstown is where the magic happens and you trade your sanity for the thrill of adventure. It’s time to lock away your sensible head and get involved with the town’s world-famous activities. Whatever your buzz – snowboarding, skiing, or getting into a jet suit to power through the lakes while busting moves that would make the most acrobatic dolphins envious (yep really!).

But even the most adventurous solo travellers need a place to rest their heads and you’d be wise to choose Adventure Hostel Queenstown. Why? Well there’s an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere and your fellow backpackers are on hand to have a beer on the balcony in the sun with. Oh, and the mountain views, events every night, chill vibes and staff who cannot do enough to make your stay the best ever! It’s a hostel owned and run by travellers, so they know a thing or two.

What are they saying, we hear you cry! “I cannot say enough good things about AQ hostel! Great location with views, comfy beds, helpful staff… The events are fun… As a solo traveller I felt instantly welcomed and will definitely be back.”


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5. Adventure Q2 Hostel (Queenstown, New Zealand)

In the adventure capital of the world, you’re going to need a hostel that fuels your wanderlusting fires! Let us introduce to you, one the best hostels for solo travellers in the legendary Queenstown, New Zealand. Yep, it’s clearly a solo travelling mecca!

You’re probably here to throw yourself off bridges, canyon swing through the valleys, or maybe just a cheeky afternoon skydive. Well Adventure Q2 can arrange any of these things for you and after you’ve shattered those comfort zone walls and thrilled yourself into oblivion, you’ll probably want a little lie down on your super comfy bed, or a drink on the Village Green, just across the street from the hostel. Even if you try and resist Queenstown’s spirit of adventure, you’re likely to get sucked in as you kick back in this sociable hostel and meet adventure-seeking souls!

This hostel is cosy, with just 55 beds, which means it’s easy to get to know your fellow backpackers and the staff will soon know your name. The events are regular, so nearly every night there’s a chance to meet the other hostel-dwellers. Think retro movie nights, pool comps, pub crawls and Mario Kart sessions.

Don’t listen to us, listen to those who’ve reviewed to make this an award-winning hostel. “Incredible hostel, perfect for socialising and chilling. They let you borrow their hair straighteners and Go Pros!” And if you’re still not convinced, “You are greeted, given a tour, and everyone is SO friendly! I made so many friends and truly did not want to leave… I would live there if I could.”


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4. Cozy Nook Hostel (Da Lat, Vietnam)

Venture slightly off the well-trodden coastal backpacker route in Vietnam and head towards the lush greens of Da Lat. Expect pine forests, lakes and waterfalls, surrounding this thriving Vietnamese city. We reckon you’re here craving authenticity and that’s why Cozy Nook Hostel is where you should lay your backpack.

Expect a true family welcome, relaxed vibes, free breakfasts and lots of advice on how to experience Da Lat. Backpackers love the cooking classes, so it could be time to perfect your Pho. Every evening there’s a communal hostel dinner, with traditional home-cooked Vietnamese dishes. You know what they say, ‘those who eat together, sleep together’, in the cosy (or should we say Cozy) dorms with luxury wooden bunks.

We could go on, but our backpackers say it like it is: “The dinners are not only delicious but plentiful and a bargain. And the social side is just perfect, you will casually meet lovely people in a non-pressurised environment.” Yep, it’s a good’un!


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3. Hostel One Miru (Prague, Czech Republic)

Prague is a well-loved city for all types of travellers – spend an afternoon in this historical Czech capital and it’s easy to see why! ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ is a lesson in remembering to look up. It’s one of the most ‘gram friendly cities in Europe, with its castles, gothic churches and bridges stretching across the River Vltava.

But where in Prague will you get the best vibes to rest your solo travelling head? Ta dah! Hostel One Miru, and it must be good as it has made it into the number 3 spot for ‘Best Hostels for Solo Travellers 2019’. This hostel crew host events every night, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make travelling friends and the communal dinners are super friendly too.

This traveller has nailed why this hostel rocks: “You can have your own free space or you can join the hostel gang for some fun activities.” Yep, that’s the solo traveller’s dream! And another: “Super comfortable and clean, friendly people, dinner together, what more could you want?” Well, what more could you want? It’s the one!


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2. Soul Kitchen (St Petersburg, Russia)

Welcome Soul Kitchen, we’ve been expecting you! This quirky little hostel has been winning awards since it was born. It’s no surprise to see this absolute charmer crowned with second place in the ‘Best Hostels for Solo Travellers 2019’. Immaculately designed and situated in the most beautiful and central area of St Petersburg, this hostel is a crowd-pleaser for sure!

After a day of exploring this spectacular Russian city, sit back and soak up the river views from the hostel balcony. Join the evening cooking class, which turns into a feast with your newly made travelling friends, followed by a movie in the hostel lounge. This hostel is a class act and with nearly 2,000 reviews, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with Soul Kitchen too.

Word from the travellers: “Love at first sight! A unique and best hostel, everything is done with a soul.” And, “This was my first hostel experience ever and I have to say Soul Kitchen has spoilt me for life! I had the best time at this beautiful place.” Eeek, well they do say that your first love is your greatest!


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1. The RoadHouse Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

Well, here we are with your number 1, the very ‘Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in 2019’! Sure, this hostel is cute AF and can be found in Prague, which is world-famous for its outstanding beauty. But, we have a sneaking suspicion that The RoadHouse hostel is our solo wanderers’ favourite hostel because of its philosophy. They say: “To us, travelling is about so much more than seeing places, it’s also about the people you meet and the memories you make.” Word!

And it’s not just talk, as you guys have proven. Have a sift through the reviews and you’ll see it is a hostel of near perfect tens! The RoadHouse attracts awesome like-minded travellers, who are up for days filled with city exploring and evenings of home-made hostel dinners and hanging out as a hostel-fam. The dorms are spacious and each bed has its own privacy curtain, so when you’re done for the night, expect a tranquil space to lay back and relax in.

A final reviewer of our worthy winner said: “The RoadHouse is an amazing place. It’s run by the loveliest people, the hostel itself is beautiful and it really does feel like you’re staying at a friend’s (really cool) apartment with a bunch of rad travellers.” Solo travellers, your tribe is out there and they’re probably a bit tipsy, full of tasty home-made food and awaiting your arrival!


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So, that’s it, the ten best hostels for solo travellers, as voted for by our solo travelling community. What are you waiting for wanderlusters? Get back out there and enjoy the journey. You can also check out the Hoscar winners in other categories, whether that’s in the country you’re heading to next, or you’re just curious to know which hostels have been voted the best in the world.

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