Why Book A Hostel In Advance?

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Imagine yourself walking for hours and hours with a 30lb plus backpack strapped to your sweaty back in search of a hostel with a vacancy, let alone a vacancy that meets your standards or requirements.

You’re hot, sweaty, tired, and frustrated that you didn’t book ahead of time and now you’re spending your precious site seeing hours and daytrip time to look for places that have vacancies for stray travelers such as yourself.

I know what you’re thinking. What if I want to book hostels on the fly?

This is a reality for many travelers who prefer to do things the old school way. I’m not saying that it is wrong, it is just down right an unprepared approach that can lead to much frustration and loss of precious daylight hours for normal relaxing travel activities and trips.

Seriously, when you plan a trip to Las Vegas, New York, Disneyland, or Miami, do you plan ahead or do fly into town, take a cab to the city, and start lugging your luggage around going in and out of hotels looking for vacancies?

Can you imagine going to New York and not booking your hotel ahead of time?

If that thought scares you, why would you risk it in another country?

Prevent yourself from operating in “chaos mode” when you get there.

Especially during the main spring and summer months in Europe…fuggedaboutit. Talk about “packed like sardines!” This is seriously the time to book in advance so you become “one of the lucky ones” who got in because you booked ahead.

It is Russian Roulette if you don’t. Plain and simple. Use your common sense here, folks.

According to Forbes Traveler, France gets more tourists each year than any other country in the world with 76 million people visiting in 2005. Spain with 55 million, and Italy was in the top 5 cities with 37 million.

Most of these people go in the spring and summer time when school is out backpackers head over in droves and families take their yearly trip.

Think about it. Where are all of these people going to sleep?!!!

You can WIN at the travel game by booking ahead. Trust me. This will also allow you to relax and enjoy the sites, places, restaurants, museums, parks, and people when you get there.

The other thing is, is that it prevents the hostel owners from jacking you with higher “walk in” rates as they are NOTORIOUS for guring these busy travel months, as they know that what they want to charge they can get it.

It’s the simple law of “supply and demand.”

Book your hostels ahead of time using our safe and secure hostel search engine. Get your accommodations out of the way so you can relax and enjoy your travels the minute you stroll into town!

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