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So I started a Twitter about two months ago and was just getting into the groove about how to use it to update people who choose to follow you.

I posted 14 updates, followed almost 1,900 people, and had 222 people following my updates, when all of a sudden my account gets shut down for “strange activity.” Along with that shut down, an auto-response email said that it may be due to being “anti-social.” 

I can’t possibly see how I was being “anti-social.” I had about 12 emails from people, that I had chosen to follow, thanking me for following them. I hadn’t responded to anyone yet, because my world is crazy busy. But that can’t possibly be the reason for suspending my account?!

Rather posting updates on every second of my life, I posted updates on travel related articles that were just uploaded onto TravelPunk.com. The TravelPUNK twitter account was modeled after the twitter accounts of LAtimes, msnbc_travel, nytimestravel, so I know that I didn’t post spam.

I have sent Twitter about 3 or 4 emails requesting that they look into it, but nothing yet.

I do miss Twitter, but they’re not the only micro blogging site around, so hopefully I get this resolved soon or I’ll just delete the account and go elsewhere.

Anyone have any ideas?

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