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Madrid Meetups: Meet The Locals and Other Travelers at Madrid Intercambios

Madrid Meetups: Meet The Locals and Other Travelers at Madrid IntercambiosIf you are traveling to Madrid, Spain  and want to meet some cool locals, other travelers, as well as students and english teachers studying and working abroad, then you need to head to a Madrid Language Exchange Meetup called... Read More »

Video: 2 Hot Chicks, 1 iPod, on the Eurail

I just love watching people making the most of their trip. These girls just crack me up! I love it! Just another reason why you need to travel by train for most of your backpacking trip through Europe…freedom to be your crazy self! See more Eurail videos and buy your Eurail passes here. Think you... Read More »

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Roughly this time next year I’m heading to Europe (obviously ). I think I have the basics of everything covered, except for this whole Eurail concept, like a lot of people seem to be having. My trip will last five to maybe six months, and I know the Eurail connects to almost every country save... Read More »

Video of a Eurotrain “Bernina Express” on the Eurail

This is a nice video shot on a Eurail train called the Bernina Express that travels from Switzerland to Italy. The narrator is speaking dutch, so if you can’t understand it, don’t worry about it. The important thing is to look at the magnificent views that you’ll get when you travel by Eurail. This video... Read More »

Eurail Passes for Canadian Backpackers and College Travelers

This video will give you a glimpse of what a Eurail train looks like inside. Notice the dining car, the restroom, the 1st and 2nd class seats, the luggage racks above the seats, and the views! Click to play video! You MUST get a Eurail pass and enhance your trip 1,000 percent! RailEurope has helped... Read More »

Backpacker and Student Travel Essentials

Backpacker and Student Travel EssentialsAll travel items are essential but some are more essential than others. Clean socks and underwear are a given, but in the early planning stages you should focus on the must-have, can’t-live-without items listed below. They are the crucial first steps in planning a successful trip to Europe, Australia, Asia, or anywhere else on this... Read More »