How To Bring Your Travel Dreams To Reality. 5 Steps To Get In The Game (5 Of 5)’s exclusive series- “How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (5 of 5)

5. Save your money.

Okay, the topic that you’ve all been dreading- Money.

This is the one thing that holds most people back from traveling. In fact, we took a poll a few months ago that showed out of 114 people, 63.1% of them felt that money was the reason that holds them back from traveling.


Either they didn’t make enough money or they couldn’t save enough money.

Even if you don’t make enough money, there is still hope for you to make your travel dreams happen.

Start a travel fund.

Do you know what the one thing that most wealthy people have in common? They know how to manage money.

That is to say, that when they receive each paycheck, they don’t go and blow it all at a sushi restaurant and a trip to Nordstroms.

They designate portions of each paycheck for specifics things, one being a travel or vacation fund.

Start with 10% of each paycheck and any extra money that comes in (birthday money, odd jobs, part time job, selling things, etc…). If you can save more than 10%, then do it, but don’t do so much that it’s puts you in a tight squeeze where you’ll only find yourself tempted to touch your travel fund all of the time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s ten percent of $10, $200, $2,000, or more. The important thing is that you create the habit of setting aside 10% of every dollar that comes your way.

It will get easier and easier, trust me.

The first thousand dollars is the hardest to save and when you reach that amount, you can do it. Start chipping away at it right now.

Here’s how to do it from the comfort of your home. Stick one dollar in a jar or “duct-taped” shoebox with a slot on top of it to slide dollar bills and any and all spare change into. Do it now. At least one dollar.

Then, start saving a minimum of 10% of every dollar or paycheck that you make and save it in that shoebox or duct taped jar. Another thing you can do is go to your bank and create another bank account that is linked to your existing checking or savings account and designate it as your – “DREAM TRIP” ACCOUNT. You are strictly prohibited from withdrawing from this account UNLESS it is directly related to your dream trip (like buying your plane ticket), but you can make as many deposit into it as you like. Those are the rules.

Stick aside as much money as you can afford to for your travel fund, but once again don’t overdo it or you will find yourself tapping into it and defeat the purpose of this account.

The goal is to bring your travel dreams to fruition by taking proactive action steps.

The one thing that no one can take from you is your travel experience.


If you really want to manage your money beyond a travel fund and want to know how wealthy people manage their personal finances, the is a great place to start.

Learning the system that T Harv Eker has laid out in his best selling book “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” will help you create a great foundation with your finances and dispell any myths or negative thoughts and programming you’ve ever had growing up in regards to money or wealth.

Dream Like View of the Sea From the Italian Eurail Train

Hers a quick video shot by a couple of backpackers on an Italian Eurail train.

“Dream like view of the sea from italian train”      

You too can enjoy Europe awesome views. Buy a Eurail Pass before you go!

What Food Do You Miss While Backpacking?

When you’re traveling overseas and you’ve been chowin’ down on foreign foods for some time, you’re bound to start getting the munchies for some familiar foods from your homeland.

For, me, believe it or not, it was Top Ramen. Living in Madrid for over a year, I started craving for some ramen noodles. El Corte Ingles, the Spanish mega store, had a similar version that I ended up buying for almost $2.00 each! I was like, whoa!


In the USA, it’s pretty common to find Top Ramen at the bargain basement price of 12 for $1.00, so you can imagine my surprise at paying $2.00 a piece!  

We have a thread brewing in our forums called “What Food Do You Miss?”

Sound interesting responses from around the world.

What foods do you miss on while traveling?

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A Map For Saturday

For about a year, we’ve had a community discussion on the documentary A Map For Saturday, a documentary that follows Brook Silva-Braga on a round the world backpacking trip.


For anyone thinking about going on their first backpacking trip, or for anyone that’s planning on doing it again, this film is bound to light a fire under your butt and start planning a trip.

The community discussion is located here, so please feel free to join in on the discussion.

Also, here’s a link to the official “A Map for Saturday” trailer.

Check it out and buy the film!

How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (4 of 5)’s exclusive series- “How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (4 of 5)

4. Visualization

Visualization is perhaps the single most important ingredient for success on any level.

There’s an old saying that goes “If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will take you there.”

That is to say that without a clear picture of where you want to go, then every road will lead to indecisiveness and ultimately failure.
Failure to take appropriate action. Failure to take proactive steps. Failure to create a specific game plan. Failure to execute effectively towards your goals. Failure to bring your travel dreams to fruition.

Inevitably, you will end up going nowhere, but that cubicle you report to each and every dreadful day…

By visualizing your goals, you tap into the power of the mind by feeding it mental images. Changing your mental pictures and thoughts with your specific dream travels, you will change your reality.

Believe it to be so and you will empower your psychee to overcome any obstacles in your way.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, man can achieve.”

You must visualize your dreams with intention. Intention to really and truly execute your travel goals.

Visualization is different than daydreaming. If daydreaming were a cars headlights on a road at night, visualizing would be a laser beam that can pinpoint it’s exact target a mile away.
Visualize your goals as if you were a laser beam with dead-on specificity and accuracy. Doing so will produce daily movement towards your goals. The more you visualize, the more you tap into the law of attraction.

Just like being specific with your travel plans, the same should be done with your visualization exersizes.

Set aside a specific amount of time aside each day and visualize yourself exactly how you’ve imagined you would be on your travels.

Visualize yourself taking a picture in front of a castle in Ireland, visualize yourself having a café con leche in a café chatting with a local of that city, visualize yourself zonked out on a beach on the Mediterranean, visualize yourself hopping off a Eurail train in Hamburg, visualize yourself romancing the love of your life, etc…

Really see yourself in your minds eye with a backpack on and living the dream exactly how you envision it. Imagine yourself running with the bulls in Pamplona, imagine yourself writing in your journal trying to describe the Mona Lisa as you are standing in front of it at the Louvre Museum in Paris, visualize yourself sitting in lounge at the world famous Bulldog Hostel in Amsterdam sharing good times with fellow travelers.

Repitition is key. Repeat the visuals everyday, all day long (minus whatever your boss has you working on!) The more specific you are, the better.

Also, when you’re actually visualizing your travel adventures, believe it or not, it will help to actually speak to yourself as you’re doing so.

Example: If you’re visualizing yourself on a beach on the Amalfi coast of Italy, then you may want to say things like “Yep. That’s me on the beach, baby!” or “I did it. I am finally on a beach in Italy!” Make up stuff, but be as realistic as possible.

This may sound corny, but the reason this is important to include with your visualization exercizes is because you will simultaneously tap into your auditory faculties. The brain will be tricked into believing that you are actually there. As I’ve mentioned it before, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not and it is more powerful than you can ever imagine and every book on the subject will verify that.

So, giving your subconscious mind the double whammy of visual and auditory, you will strengthen your will power to stay on the right track to success in realizing your travel goals. Stay on course. Let nothing distract you from your ultimate goal- your launch date. All of the little things you do on a daily basis will compound and ultimately help you or work against you.

Visualizing with intention everyday will keep you centered, keep your goals fresh, and keep you from straying in another direction.

How has visualizing helped you?

Click here to read steps 1,2, and 3.

Saving Money for Traveling

A current topic on our forums lists some good tips on saving money for traveling. This is a key area that stops most people from converting from “dreamer” to “traveler.”

One of our TravelPUNK members, PhilBill, posted his list of “10 Simple living Tips to Help You Live Your Dreams” which will help all of you dreamers out there to take action and get in the game by simplifying.

Also, Tpunk members Ashlee (who started the post) and polarbear, shows you how they broke down their budget and are building their travel fund quicker by doing less of… find out what.

Please register for free on the message boards and add your tips!

I will also be posting my 4th and 5th installment of “5 Steps to Get in the Game” this weekend, so be sure to check back.

New Hostel Section Added

We have added a new hostel section that has user ratings, pictures, room availability on all room types when searching, and most importanly, NO BOOKING FEES!

Over 2,500 destinations world wide!


Group bookings can also made using our group hostel booking engine.

Too Young to Travel or Backpack Europe?


Every year we get a new crop of youngens, 18 yrs old or under, looking for direction and guidance on backpacking Europe.

Inspired by other backpackers that have gone before them, these youngsters have mustered up enough gumption to blaze their own trail in life by discovering the world on their own terms.

So what could possibly stop them? In a word- Parents.

Parents can throw a serious wrench in your travel plans if you’re still underage or you aren’t know to be a very confident person.

Because to parents, it’s not enough to be confident if you’re underage. In their eyes, you must be super confident and very responsible.

If you aren’t these things, then start becoming these things as fast as possible. Take steps today to personally grow in these areas so by the time you reach your projected travel date, you’ll be a whole different person than you were before you read this article.

Are their concerns warranted? Absolutely. Afterall, a parents job is to be forever concerned about their kids no matter how young or old they are. When you’re a parent, you’ll understand this yourself=)

So how do you handle issues and concerns that parents will obviously have? (more…)

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