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“Try Not. Do…or, Do Not!” Lessons From Yoda…

So many people never realize their travel goals simply because they always “try” and never “do.” Watch this video and maybe Yoda’s wisdom from 1977 can convince you to ELIMINATE any form of “try” from your vocabulary. So, if you find yourself constantly putting off your travel plans, it is most likely because you keep... Read More »

Backpacker and Student Travel Essentials

Backpacker and Student Travel EssentialsAll travel items are essential but some are more essential than others. Clean socks and underwear are a given, but in the early planning stages you should focus on the must-have, can’t-live-without items listed below. They are the crucial first steps in planning a successful trip to Europe, Australia, Asia, or anywhere else on this... Read More »

Challenge Yourself- Travel Alone

Feel like traveling to Europe, or the around the world, and don’t have anyone to travel with? Hopefully this article will help you with the push you need to finally pull the trigger and strap on a backpack and get some culture in you! It was my first real trip anywhere. I had been a... Read More »

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