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THE 10 THINGS THAT YOU SHOULDNT DO IN EUROPETravel advisory by a “crazed” American in Europe.I can’t offer much in travel tips. My name’s not Fodor, I didn’t go to Berkeley, and you know, even if I did, I’m not exactly willing to pass on helpful suggestions to the goddamn masses. I mean, where were you when I was getting an anal probe... Read More »

12 Things You Need To Do Before Backpacking Europe: Passports & Visas (Part 2)

This is a 12 part series on Backpacking Europe for all you aspiring & seasoned backpackers and student travelers. 2. Passports and Visas Most of the European countries are covered under Schengen visa although you may need to apply for independent visas for some. For Americans, the rules are clear on the length of time... Read More »

Contest! Top Travel Blogger for April Wins $50!

To kick-off our newly added BLOGS section, we’re giving away $50 to the top blogger! This section is brand spanking new, so it’s a free for all right now. Sign up for your backpacker/student travel blog and start blogging away! Add photos and videos to your blog too. We’ve also created a new photo gallery... Read More »

A Special Thanks to All of These TravelPUNKS!

TravelPUNKS are an amazing breed of travelers. If you are not a part of this community, then you are sorely missing out on some awesome relationships that you can create with people from around the world. I got a stack of postcards with inspiring and positive messages from these big gun TPunk’s- TheJake- from Surprise,... Read More »

Podcast Scholarship 2008

Podcast Documentary Scholarship, 2008 Do you dream about being an intrepid journalist seeking out stories from remote parts of the world? Then here is the opportunity for you! will send one exceptional student on assignment to visit a Fred Hollows eye camp in remote, … Find out more... Read More »

Got A Great Photo? Win A TPunk TShirt, Patches, & Stickers!

In addition to our Best Photo Album contest, we’re also holding a “Best Photo” contest. The winner will receive a TravelPUNK TShirt, 2 Official TravelPUNK Patches, and some stickers for you to tag world famous landmarks=)! If you got a great photo that all backpackers and student travelers need to see, register for a FREE... Read More »

Contest! Win $25 For Best Photo Album. Easy Peasy…

Since we just opened up our photo album section, I thought that I would hold a contest for Best Photo Album by March 31st. It’s Open Season right now. It’s anybody’s ballgame since there are only a few people that registered and uploaded a few photos to help test it out at this point. I... Read More »

Sex While Traveling- 60% of Backpackers & Student Travelers Have Sex While Traveling (Part 1)

Sex While Traveling- 60% of Backpackers & Student Travelers Have Sex While Traveling (Part 1)You read that right, chief. If that doesn’t want to make you start packing your bag, I don’t know what will =)! Think about it. Six out of every 10 backpackers and travelers have had sex while traveling Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and so on… 6 out of every 10. Seis de diez… So... Read More »

Absinthe: 10 Well Known (and not so well know) FACTS

Most backpackers and student travelers will here about Absinthe Wormwood at some point of their trip planning stage or while on the road traveling through Europe, so it’s worth giving a re-cap on this topic. Absinthe Wormwood, one of the most mysterious and enigmatic character of the European backpacker scene. Many people know this fascinating... Read More »

Do Most Backpackers and Student Travelers Get Lucky On Their Travels?

This is always something that crosses the minds of backpackers and student travelers, whether they want to admit it or not. Will I get lucky? Will I meet the person of my dreams? Could love be waiting for me overseas? What kind of accent will my future crush have? C’mon, we think that way before... Read More »

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