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12 Things You Need To Do Before Backpacking Europe: Backpacks & Money Belts (Part 5)

This is a 12 part series on Backpacking Europe for all you aspiring & seasoned backpackers and student travelers. 5. Backpacks & Money Belts Get a good backpack that fits your size and is comfortable for you to carry. This, extension of your back, is going to be your best friend throughout your trip so... Read More »

Quikpod. A MUST for Backpackers and Student Travelers!

I love hearing travel adventures from backpackers and love to see the photos of the places they explored and people that they met. But one thing that irks me is that they often leave themselves out of the shot! It’s understandable for the most part since they’re the ones taking the photo. Not everyone has... Read More »