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Heading to melbourne in a few weeks with some girlfriends and want to make sure we don't get stuck in some dodgy place where they stare at you as you walk in because you're under 65..

Anyone know some cool places to check out in Melbourne? Wheres the main backpacker scene?
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I lived in Melbourne for a bit. Make sure that you check out the Esplanade (espy) in St. Kilda. Its a hugely popular bar that has lively sunday sessions. Most nights they have a live band. The Lonely planet says that you haven't been to Melbourne if you haven't been to the espy! Most backpackers hang out in the burb of St. Kilda. It's only a 15 min tram ride away from the city centre. Best hostel in St. Kilda is Base.
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Living in melbourne these would be my recommendations

1. Revolver; trashy electro-clash disco, open 72 hours over the weekend. some good local art and friendly crowd

2. Croft institute; hard to find in the middle of chinatown but a three story bar modelled on a science lab, similar to pharmacy

3. Republika; similar to revolver but on the north side of the city (smith st)

4. First Floor; north side of the city also

hope you enjoy your stay in melbs...
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Defenetly check out the espy! Its uber cool, first you walk in and it kinda dumpy lookin but its a good time if you give it a chance, its just an old building, theres a groovy lounge on elizabeth st. called.....____64 lol cant remeber but its close to flinders st and its on the left side walkin up the street so its not to long a walk. the Crown Casino has a few cool clubs but they are a bit more expensive, but I found generaly a lot of bueatiful people went it was a good time. Plus the crown has 2.60 fish and chips with free sauce, I lived of this for a loooong time dirt cheap! melbourne is crazy awesome for live music and there are tons of places all over the city they just dont stick out they are sorta hole in the wall things, but lots of fun!
The place I loved to go to though was the all nations bar, it was in the all nations hostel, great hostel for 15 a night kinda run down a bit but not a big deal and they have a really fun little backpacker bar always bumpin on the weekends, made lots of friends there good times! Another good packer bar is the Roobar in another hostel I cant remeber what the hostel name is but its in the North of the city center close to the queen eliz market. they have a happy hour where you can drink as many pints as possible in a hour for 10 bucks, I did 5 in 40 minutes to win a friendly international drinkin comp!
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Hi -

Melbourne IS THE BEST city in Australia for its nightlife -

the backpacking scene in melbourne is largely around St Kilda, but there are some around parkville and outer edge of the city. Thats a good thing because you can practically walk or catch a cheap taxi to all the night spots.

Where to go really depends on what you are into - the main night spots are:

Lygon Street - Italian Cafes/Good Dinners and Gelati (no clubs) but open late (can be expensive); outer edge of city, you can walk from parkville or cab from St Kilda

Chapel Street/Commercial Road (South Yarra) - this is 'THE' street to be seen - has the hippest and coolest clubs and bars, cafes open 24 hours, young trendy scene
5 minute cab ride from the city

StKilda/Acland St/Fitzroy St - restuarants, clubs, bars, pubs
This area really has a good mix, a lot of places open 24 hours, heart of the backpacking scene - i really recommend staying here,
again its only about 5 minutes from the city.
if you don't like clubbing, theres some really good pubs here where you can just chill

City/Crown Casino - the city has lots of good clubs and bars, Melbourne is really easy to navigate; i would recommend spending at least 1 night checking out the city scene, but it tends to get a little quiet because the clubs and bars are spread throughout the city.
The casino and the cafes are open 24 hours though

You'll have a great time in melbourne - the people are great not as pretencious as in sydney (sorry if i offended anyone), i have family members there that gave me a run down when i visited of where to be.

Where you end up depends on what you're into.
If you love clubbing/bars - go to chapel street, and st kilda (these are more classy, young areas)
if you prefer pubs with beer, there's no shortage in melbourne, and you should find a good place in St Kilda, or even the Richmond area

i hope this helps
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Melbourne has some of the best night life in Australia. If you can find it, check out the Hifi bar, they have all types of music on different nights and its awesome!!
Go the espy definately as well. Crown casino is always good for a laugh, they've got heaps of cool clubs and bars around the area.....
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