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i can't wait to do a pub crawl
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Yeah, pub crawls are great for meeting other backpackers and especially if you don't know where to find good nightlife, or if there's a language barrier that prevents hanging out with locals. I went on a great one in Florence, although I can't say I remember it all...
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The Crawl in Munich was an experience.....You go to about 6 different bars/beergartens and when you aren't at a place that sells alcohol you can drink what they have in the beer cooler you drag along with you. They advertise it as "The best night you won't remember!" It was. If you want, you can go again the next night for half price. Not many Americans but a couple of obnoxious Welsh girls. Good times, Bad morning. By the way, I won best female drinker. I treat that beer koozie like an olympic medal!
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Wow, i never knew that cool people went on those pub crawls. i assumed it was way touristy, but it sounds like you guys had fun none the less. bar crawls in college towns are like that, except you all get to order sweet shirts that have funny sayings, like if its for a birthday, or cinqo de mayo or something. i was on one last night for my friends work actually. now i'm going to consider doing them when i'm back in europe this summer.
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Originally posted by Somnambulation@Jan 26 2005, 03:59 PM
Some people deride them for being cheesy and full of Americans, but the pub crawls in Barcelona were damn fun. I went on a few, a couple by cheating and mooching the stamp from someone elses arm, and they were all really crowded and wild. You dont go to Barcelona anyway for a cultural expirience in my opinion. I went on one in ome that was more reserved and more conservative with the liquor. But it showed you some sights which was cool.
I must disagree with you dude, Barca has such a rich culture and not only that but it has Killer skating spots, I did an entire section of railings and inverts with some friends it was killer beside the fact that I had a good wine reserve around I was having a blast plus you can find anything in Barcelona + you have the best Fin' (soccer) team!
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I've done 3 pub crawls in cities, Rome, Dublin, and here at home in Philadelphia.

Rome was alright, though kinda dodgy. We started out drinking warm beers while waiting for the rest of the group to show up. It was pretty cheap from what I remember, especially cause they let my buddy go for free since it was his birthday. They always promise shots along these tours, but its never anything with any eral liquor in it. Oh well.

In Dublin we did the Backpackers Pub Crawl the first night we were there. It's a good way to get to know the city, meet some new people. Ended up having a blast but my brother ditched me for some Aussie girl. oh well.

The one here at home in Philthydelphia is a historical one, run every Thursday night in the summer, called the Tippler's Tour. Visit old or reconstructed taverns and learn about the birth of America. I found it really cool but then again I'm a bert.

I think you have to take them for what they are. Cheesy, touristy, debauchery. Basically just a bunch of kids trying to get hopped up and make a couple of bad decisions.
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I went on a pub crawl in Berlin, offered by the Fat Tire Bike Tours crew. It was a good time, until my buddy spewed all over in the hukah bar and we had to literally drag him back to the hostel. That'll make enemies real quick, puking in a bar. I might do it again . . . but it was kinda shitty how we'd move on to a new place just when you really started enjoying the place you were at. I dunno. As a solo traveller, yeah I'll be doing it again. But if I was already with a crew, probably not.
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I went on a pub crawl once in Florence, Italy, by accident. I was standing around outside the bar my friends and I were at and I was really drunk. The pub crawlers rounded a bunch of people up and had us follow them then when we got to the next bar they asked me for money. I was really confused. That's when I realized I had drunkenly left my friends back at the other bar and had followed some randoms. Too drunk! I was lost for the rest of the night. Hahaha.
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