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Default What to do in Germany?

Hi everyone, Newbie poster here!
Been lolling around the site for ages,
you guys are awesome.

Im heading over to Berlin on July 8th.
Im staying with a friend in Potsdam (just south of berlin),
for 3 weeks . Its my first time in Europe (im 17)
She keeps asking me what I want to do when I come over..
and I've read countless articles and watched countless video's giving me the tourist-y attractions to see. (brandenburg gate, castle sansoucci, etc.. i know about that stuff)
but my question is,
from you t-punkers and yout experiences,
what are the must-see's in Berlin?
any where that is relatively close to Berlin?
and also Prague, because im spending a few days there as well.
Clubs? Random places? Places with an awesome view? A cool museum?
anything really.
She said she would take me anywhere that is a few hours or less from Berlin,
and Im just not sure whats worth seeing......
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call me Condi!
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Kreuzberg friggin rocks!!! There are so many awesome brunch places and night clubs. SO36 (a club) has some really great shows and dance nights, and some of the coolest gay theme bars in the city are there. Also the first Doner shop in Berlin!!!

Also, there's a bar with rocks all over it and you can drink beers out of hospital bed urinals. It's unique. You will love Berlin. And Potsdam is actually pretty sweet in and of itself.

Ah, Treptower Park is very neat as well. It's this big Soviet memorial park. And the Berlin Jewish Museum is not only the best museum of Judaica and Jewish history/culture, but also pretty much the best museum I've ever been to in my life.
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lover of Germany
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Ahhh Berlin, even the name conjures up sweet smelling memories. Truly Berlin has to be one of my favorite cities in the world.
Some must sees? Well Berlin has something for everyone so a lot of things will depend on what you're into however here is a list of places that, in my opinion no trip to Berlin can be completed without-

Berliner Dom-one of the nicest cathedrals ever!

Berlin history museum-to understand a place you must first see it past

Brandemburg gates- on the historic Unter den Linden strasse is a great site to be seen.

Also hit up check point Charlie while you're there.

For the best views go to the top of the TV tower.

Also forgetting the famous sites try walking around Berlin and allowing the city to come to you. Every corner in Berlin every street has its own personal story and if you're lucky you may just hear a few!

In terms of places to eat-try Georgen Haus in east Berlin-I went there and loved it.
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Brandenburg Gate from Pariser Platz at night (there is some construction going on on the other side) and you must do Berlin on a bike...its so enjoyable
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eat lots and lots of currywurst from street vendors!
there's a really cool communist bar near hakeschermarkt station (don't know if thats the right spelling. When you come out of the station, turn left and walk towards a bridge... i think its a railway bridge. the bar is in one of the little tunnels under the bridge. i just checked my blog, it's called Ostzone.
"The first bar was Ostzone and it's a little old bar left over from East Berlin, with communist memorabilia everywhere and its still the place where all the workers go. It's under a railway bridge so very noisy with trains going over."
if you can't find it, its the first stop on the pub crawl that leaves from a&o hostel at zoo station (don't stay there, by the way).
in prague, stay at the Czech Inn and eat at 'Azalka' nearby. really delicious cheap food.
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I just came from Berlin. It's an awesome, awesome city. Make sure you see the East Side Gallery, it's a section of the wall covered in art and graffiti (a fine line between the two) I also thought the monument to the Jews killed in the Holocaust was awesome.

The free walking tour is excellent, however I also did the pub crawl with the same company and it was shit. But that's just my experience, I'm sure it would have been better if I did it on a friday or saturday.The company is New Berlin and there are flyers for it everywhere.
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