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I stayed at a few hostels that were really good so I figured I'd put up a recommendation. If you have any questions I'll gladly answer them. I also have a few pics of rooms which I'll put up once I get them scanned.


Euro Youth Hostel - Glasgow (Private Twin)

Clean rooms, comfy beds, lockers, small table w/chairs, private little bathroom that occassionally flooded the shower. It is however noisy! It's in some kinda party area of town I think so on a saturday night it's hoppin'! On the nights I did go to bed early I simply used my ear plugs to tune out the crappy karaoke. Gotta love Scottish boys singing madonna at 2 am. Staff was friendly and my sister forgot her jeans there when we came back home, they mailed them to us for free! A nice touch. Although I did not sleep in a dorm so they might be different. Very close to the Queen's train station (If you're coming from within Scotland) and a good walk away from the Buchanan bus station (If you're taking a bus from London or something). We weren't is Glasgow long, but the hostel was very close to lots of shopping and eating places.

Ace Hotel (Kensington) - London
This place is seriously awesome. It's expensive though as is nearly all of London, but I had no problem staying here on 2 separate occassions during my trip. The place is new and clean and white. There is a nice comfy tv lounge, little gardens, and a homey feeling bar which serves some very basic food stuffs. I stayed in 1 eight bed dorm room and a twin private. The dorm room I had entirely to myself. Why I'm not really sure but the place never seemed that busy, but the dorm had it's own full sized bathroom w/tub/shower. A nice touch!! The twin room was rather small but quaint. It had it's own tv, small table 'n chairs and a sink with a mirror. The shower and toilets were down the hall and shared by about 6 ish rooms, but there were 3 showers in their own individual little rooms.
The staff was awesome! One of the night girls from Brazil was so friendly and helped us out with all our questions about London. She even remembered me from first trip when I returned. Loved the place to bits. Right near the subway station!


Munich: Wombats!
A great place! I stayed in a six bed room that had it's own bathroom, comfy beds, and table set. Super super clean! Each bed had it's own little reading light so you didn't have to have all the lights on. Extremely close to the train station and subway stations. It's like right out the door! The staff was really nice and when I was stupid and lost a washing machine token, they gave me another one without question. Recommend it to bits. Quite a bit of noise from the bar.

Berlin: Circus Hostel
There are 2 Circus hostels in germany and I stayed in the big yellow one. It was also a 6 bed dorm, with NO bunkbeds! They were all little single beds w/ private reading light. A little open closet thing AND a nice little plastic side table. Very comfortable and I could spread my stuff out. They didn't have a locker in the room but I left everything out and never had a problem. Although always be safe!! It was very close to a subway station and wasn't hard to get too at all. There are alot of amenities near there which is nice! Also a perfect little place to stay. There is some noise from the street, but wasn't too bad on non-party nights.
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