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Unhappy Good London Hostel

I've seen a lot of posts about London hostels but have received little help from them since no one can seem to agree what hostels are good or bad

Also many seem like old posts and maybe things have changed???

Where should I stay? I know the generator and Piccadilly have been recommended but I just want a place to sleep not a place to party it up...I can find the bars on my own but when it comes to my bed I just want to sleep in relative peace!

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Well, if you're lookin for just a good place to sleep, i would say NOT the generator. but keep in mind that it had the cheapest bar in town at the time(3hrs of one pound pints) and this bar (maybe because of aforementioned cheap booze) was probly the most social bar I've ever been in. But a quiet night's sleep the generator is not.

I stayed at another hostel in london called the globetrotter's inn i believe, but it was farther out of the city centre, and I didn't find much social interaction there (probly mostly because i was heading back to the generator's bar to see friends). Good points for this hostel were that it was very secure, ultra clean, and the beds were super sturdy and each had its own privacy curtain around it and night light inside your bunk. brilliant. I did get lost trying to find it though, but probly mostly due to the the prior 3hrs of one pound pints once again.
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Default Seconded on Globetrotter

I'll second the globetrotter. During the low season back in January I paid 6,50GBP which is a steal. It is not too far from a tube stop--just past Hammersmith in Ravenscourt Gardens. I don't recommend it for partying but for everything else it rocks. The Generator had police come to break up fights every night I was there so yeah good nights* up sleep don't really exist there


*I kind of needed it also, I was exhausted from my jetlag so I think had I been in London at another time I would have found the Generator to be fine.

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Yeah Globetrotter isn't bad. A little far out though.

You do get a bunk with a curtain you can pull across and your own little light which is nice.
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I stayed in Globetrotters...a very vanilla time I'll have to try Generator
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I'm staying at Piccidilly Backpackers when I go to London this summer for like 4 days. I def see your point about not wanting to party and quite honestly I don't want to party most nights when I'm in Europe but I want that option open so at least I will meet people and not be at some random place.

That's my deal with staying at the big mainstream hostels, they are clean & reputable (for the most part... everyone's going to have a bad experience SOMEWHERE) but the option to party is there if I'm in the mood.
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St. Christophers Inn wasn't too bad when I stayed there last summer. They have two seperate buildings, both with bars in them. The main one where you check in and everything is a lively place but not too rowdy. The other building was quiet and had decent beds. Didn't seem like too much partying.
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I really like St. Christophers as well, the bar was pumping but when i stayed there the people in the dorms werent too rowdy, It was REALLY clean and the Southwark ones are in a really good location.
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