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so i've been traveling around a little bit and thought i'd pop in here and give you guys an idea of some of the places i've been to.

Brown's Hostel: not the best. i'm pretty sure it was me and a couple of bums staying at the place, although maybe i was just there at a bad time.

Jacobs Hostel: i give it a thumbs up. basically like a hotel room with the bathroom in it and everything but instead of one bed u had like 5 bunk beds in the place. not too much of a social atmosphere but go out to a pub if u want that. all in all it was pretty decent, although it has a lock-out from 11-3 which sucks.

Isaacs Hostel: i think its affiliated with Jacobs. its not bad, kinda cool little lobby area for hanging out and it has a little deli connected to it. not a bad place, also had a lock out from like 11-3 or something like that. Jacobs was probably nicer but its not bad. had a decent location but dublin is small and doesnt seem to have any slums or anything so anywhere is a decent location.

Generator: i'd give it a thumbs up. its a youth hostel through and through and has the party crowd to match. location isnt as ideal as you might like but its within a 5 minute walk of the underground. the bar is cool and they have good prices in comparison to the rest of london. good atmosphere and seems to be run pretty well. the bathrooms are pretty high school gym locker-roomish but they get the job done.

Hans Briker Budget Hotel: not the best place in the world. not overly clean and the bar is kinda scary or something, i dont know. the place also seemed to cater to groups, at least when i was there, and im not a fan of places that get large groups in. you always tend to be on the outs with them and they are usually annoying. breakfast at the place was included but pretty lame. the bathroom in the room was clean enough and the location is ok, although not great. but there are tons of art galleries around and your pretty close the major art musuems. your also right next door to a bike rental/tour place.

Flying Pig:
good place, fun atmosphere, this is where i'd recommend staying in amsterdam even if its a little more expensive than some of the other place.

Shelter Jordan:
only stayed here one night. it was cheap and clean, but they are pretty stict about drug usage and they only have single sex dorms, which sucks if your traveling with a person of the opposite sex. also the exit sign was like glowing in my face or something and it seemed really bright so that was driving me a bit crazy. not a great location, but not a bad place if u need somewhere to sleep that isnt the street.

Young and Happy: has a lock out during the day which i'm never a fan of. the staff was pretty rude to me also. the location is pretty good, right in the latin quarter. not bad compared to some of the trash hostels in paris but its not the ideal place either. breakfast was light, but decent.

Hostal Numancia: good place, right off the metro, walking distance to museums and most stuff. best for people who speak spanish though. the guy there didnt even bother to try and humor me with his english which normally is a sign that the person doenst know any. i also ended up interpreting and relaying info for another group at the place.

Centric Point Hostal: cool place, excellent architecture, and decent staff. the bar was decent with decent prices although its not like a bumpin place, you need to go out to the city for that, and when in barcelona u need to do that. rooms were nice enough and bathrooms were clean. the building itself is the jewel of the hostal and if you admire architecture then you'll like this hostal for sure. its walking distance to la pedrera, las ramblas, i also walked to la sagrada familia and the beach but took the metro back from both places. i would give it a thumbs up on location and a thumbs up in general, even though i got food poisioning and puked my guts out one of the days i was there.

Euro Youth Hotel: best place in munich hands down. not a whole lot else say. its close to the augustiner-keller beer garden which is also probably the finest beer garden in germany with some of the finest beer in the i could go for a class of that now.

Clown and Bard: the guys at the euro youth hotel booked this place for me. it was decent enough. nothing fancy but not too expensive either. had good cheap beer in the bar and the location was decent.

Name ????: i really wish i could remember the name of this place, but it was like the coolest hostel ever. not that it was that fantastic or anything but it was in a church bell tower which made it awesome. no bar or anything like that but enjoyed some beer in the lounge with some guys from japan. it was also like 8 bucks a night which made it even cooler.

Van Gogh: cool place, stayed in like little bungalows turned dorms or something. had a cool little bar/lobby area. in general i liked it more than i expected just like i liked brussells more than i expected. oh and p.s. if you go to brussells go on the tour of the little cantillion brewery. its awesome and you wont regret it. also has AMAZING beer like no where else in the world.

Yellow Hostel: good location next to the train station. seems to be the happening hostel in rome and always has pub crawls and stuff going on. place was decently clean and i give it a nod of approval.

Casa Linger: more of a hotel than hostel. private rooms that i shared with my girlfriend with a shared bath. not a bad place. location is the best part of it. not on a canal but the other hotels within the area are way more expensive. within 3 minutes walk of san marco square and within 3 minutes of water buses. staff was nice. best part of it was probably the location. u can pay way way less and stay at a campsite but its nice to feel like your a part of venice and to be able to walk around san marco square and the canals at night when all the tourists have gone home.

thats all for me for now. my fingers are tired of typing.
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Nice rundown, man... thanks!
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Rootbrewskies thanks for the reviews.
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Great work !

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