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Hello Everyone!

My girlfriend and I are needing a romantic trip to Maine this summer during the August month. We both live and work in New York City and are in oujr mid 20's. We are hoping to go on a road trip to Maine or even other places in New England that includes hiking, camping, flea markets, and also a lot of relaxation.

We're trying to keep it affordable by mixing up camping with bed and breakfasts and hotels. I'm not really sure how to go about setting this up and where we should go. I'm even thi nking of going over to Canada once were in Maine for a little. It would be grreat to even picnic, bbq, hang by the beach but nothing too rustic.

Both of us are artistic and love the hidden gems. Whether it be restaurants, shops, vintage clothes, were always looking for something we have to find.

If anyone has some sort of reccomendations, I'd love to hear about your suggestions ! I appreciate it!

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I don't know to much about the whole state of Maine but I relatives i visit often in the town of Goram, a suburb of Portland. Portland, Maine is a pretty kick ass little town. Try to spen a day or two here if possible. There are tons of great resuraunts and you'll have a nice wandering the European like back streets and checking out all the shops. Plus light houses galore. Definently check out Portland.
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Great! I was actually going to check oujt Portland as I have never been there but heard so many great stories about it! I heard we're missing the Maine Lobster Fest, which is early Aug but we definately want to see Portland. Thank you very much for your response! Any other ideas, people?
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Well if you guys were looking to do shopping, then Maine is all about the Outlets. They have Outlet malls the size of like small towns it seems up there. Also Kittery is a nice town that has bear shows and reindeer and the trading post.

Also if your going through NH then another nice spot to stop at is the White Mountains. Drive along the Kancamagus highway for some really amazing looking landscape. It carves through the moutains and there are streams with swimming holes along the side. Tons of camping and hiking as well as oppurtunities to see Moose, Deer, Bears and more. I have seen all of those along my ways up and through there. You get to the highest point of the mountains and start coming back down on the other side for a lot of great sites again. Once you hit the town of Conway it is a ski village. That means hotels, reastraunts , stores and tons of other stuff to fill up a day or two.

If your carving Massachusetts then there is always Boston which has tons of visitor stuff to do.

If you go through Vermont this time of year they should still be getting some syrup and you can tap a few trees and bring home a bottle.

Thats a few things for now. If you give me and idea of your route I might be able to help a bit more.

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