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U.S.A. Hollywood, NYC, baseball, The Grand Canyon, East coast vs West coast, Starbucks, The Dallas Cowboys Chearleaders, and more...

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Hey guys.

I've been planning on making a trip to the states this summer for the last few months, and now I've finally realized it's just too EXPENSIVE to fly. (from UK).

So now I'm headin' out there this winter instead. I guess I'm just wondering if it's a popular time for backpackers to head out there. If anyone has been to California or anywhere near the West Coast in Winter time, would be cool to hear from you.

Thanks guys and hope you all have a great summer. I'm now venturing into Europe for the next few months. You never know I might just bump into some of you travel punks....

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Originally posted by anthony85@Jul 2 2006, 10:17 AM

Hey guys.

If anyone has been to California or anywhere near the West Coast in Winter time, would be cool to hear from you.

Hey anthony

I'm originally from the central coast of cali.... Great freaking place to go! It is situated smack dab in the middle between L.A. and San Fransisco. (If you look it up on a map it is about two hours north of Santa Barbra, some towns in that area are Morro Bay and San Louis Obispo.) I personally love the central coast and northern Cali. Not much into South Cali, but every one has different tastes. Are you thinking of going anywhere in specific?

The weather isn't too bad in Cali, unless you hit the north. But on the central coast is rains ALOT! I spent a semester visitng my dad and I swear it rained every damn day. But not huge thunderstorms, just drizzle. And it can get cold on the coast. Yoou don't need a burka, but a good jacket and a hoodie should do. Maybe a rain jacket. There are a ton of things to do... If the cold doesn't bother you too much you can always camp on the beach. Also if you get the chance hit up highway 1. It is parrel to the coast and gorgeous!!!

My favorite place is called Lime Kiln Park. It has red woods and a three story waterfall and you can camp in the woods or on the beach under the stars! Also Big Sur is great, but not sure how great in winter. There is a ton of stuff you can do. Hiking is great, kayaking (spelling?), shopping, festivals and dances.... And the train system in cali isn't bad, at least not for America... And if you don't like the cold you can always try southern Cali....

Hope this helps!

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I live in San Francisco - if you're headed this way, let me know!
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Southern Cali is beautiful even in the winter (winter in San Diego=lows of like 50 degree's). I've lived there on and off for the last 4 years, most of that time being in the winter. You'll still see people surfing in December. LA is kinda dirty (no worse than Chicago though) but San Diego is awesome. My biggest problem is that it's sooooo expensive. Just like patchouli Lover said there is a million things to do around. Especially if you like the outdoor's.

I have no ideas about backpacking the region in terms of facilities and what not. But my recomendation is go-- just don't stay in Southern California too long or you might get sick of it, like I did. Head north after a while. I have friends up there who LOVE it. I don't think this answered your question at all but I hope it helps a little!
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Hello there!

I've never been to the US but a couple of friends are trying to talk me into doing a 'Wild Western' Contiki tour in late Decemeber. (I've backpacked around Canada and Central / Eastern Eruope but never been on a tour). After that maybe fly to NY and then Orlando and Miami.

I was a little worried too about it being winter and things being closed. The tour has an optionals, such as a helicopter-ride in the Grand Canyon which I'd love to do, but I have a feeling most won't be available.

I'm in two minds at the moment about whether I'll go. But it's all an experience!
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