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I just joined this site in the hopes that I will have better luck here than I did on the site where I booked my hostel. friend and I (both 25 year old females) are going to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve this year. Neither of us have been there before, and this will be my first time staying in a hostel (her second). I'm wondering what would be the best way to go about making plans for the actual night. Should we try to buy tickets online to a club or event before we get there? Or should we wait to see what other people in the hostel are doing, in case we meet some people and want to hang out with them? Any advice/suggestions from people who have stayed at a hostel in Vegas, and/or who have been to Vegas for New Year's would be greatly appreciated!!!! Also, if anyone has some suggestions for some "must see" things, it would also be appreciated! I realize that New Year's Eve is quite aways off, but hopefully, this way I will be able to get more responses and plan ahead accordingly. Thank you in advance to everyone who responds!

~ Tawnia
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I would probably definitely buy a ticket for something in advance. I'm sure Vegas is much the same as Chicago in bars having entrance fees/tickets/parties etc. I'm sure you'll be able to find some last minute party options, but just in case, I'd get a ticket to something. I used to work for hotel/casino, and New Year's would book up months in advance and all the shows and stuff would be booked.

I'll be staying at the Sin City hostel in Vegas next week. Will let you know how it is and the must sees.
~~ Jamie ~~
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Hey Tawna -

My old college roommates and I had a reunion weekend in Vegas over New Year's a few years back and it was so much fun we're thinking of doing it again.

Vegas is pretty great for New Years. Every year they close down the strip to motor traffic (except for the lane down the middle for emergency vehicles) for the big fireworks show, allowing lots of extra walking and standing room. We milled around the casinos watching special acts (some kind of cheesy, but totally fun) and wandering up and down the strip. All along the strip there are booths set up selling a beer and a shot for $5 so we just drank our way down the strip talking with people and having a great time. Then everyone watched the fireworks and went in search of a party.

We didn't end up buying tickets to any clubs, but we had a large group and kind of made our own party back in our own casino. If you really want to ensure you get into an event or club I would absolutely buy a ticket early. If you are just trying to make sure that you'll meet some people and have a great time, just go ANYWHERE on the strip and you'll find tons of people to party with. The strip basically turns into one giant party. Just watch where you decide to stop and hang out. I was on one side of the strip and it was fun, plenty of room to move, and mildly tame, while a friend of mine was on the other side and he had to lift girls over the barriers to keep them from getting squashed.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a ticket to a club or event because I like to leave my options open, but sometimes it's a good idea to give yourself a place to go. Especially since the clubs stay open so long and the parties might start to die around 1 or 2.

NOTE: If you are drinking your way down the strip, make sure to use the bathroom BEFORE the fireworks, because if you wait until after - well, GOOD LUCK!!

As for must see attractions: there are plenty of free attractions that are pretty cool: the lions at MGM Grand, the gorgeous Dale Chihuly glass sculpture on the ceiling of the Bellagio (my personal fav), as well as the fountain show in front of the Bellagio, the canals inside the Venetian are cool, the cobblestone streets and facade of the shopping area in NY, NY, and the Sirens of TI at Treasure Island seems like it would be cool (I've only seen the G rated pirate show they used to do - now it's the more R rated adult version of sirens and pirates).

Also, if you take a side trip to the old downtown section, check out the Fremont Street experience. It's pretty cool over on that side of town to see the really old Vegas and an older, more local type crowd. Also way cheaper over there! But note: a friend of mine works for Vegas Metro and always tells me not to go more than a block off of the main street (Freemont) because it turns into a bad neighborhood quickly and there are lots of muggings, etc. But it's easy to grab a cab from a casino right off of Freemont.

Stuff to spend your money on: If you like amusement rides, don't miss the rides on top of the Stratosphere. If you're into animals, there are tours in several casinos to see anything from dolphins to tigers - take your pick.

Let me know if you have questions about any specific thing you want to see or do. I used to go to Vegas all the time and have several friends who live there so I can give you more specific info if you want it.

Have fun!
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I wouldn't bother with a pre-sale ticket unless there's an event you *really* want to go to. The party is ON the strip, and you'll get enough of the nightclubs on your other nights there... That and the costs for NYE parties are exhorbitant. Best to just gather with a bunch of your fellow hostelers and do something on your own. Just be careful not to carry any glass containers on the strip, as they're more than happy to take it away from you, or worse, fine you.
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Thank you bluepea, ladaz, and omisan for your replies; they were very helpful! Mind you, my latest dilemma now is that there is a possibility that my friend is going to bail on me, which brings on a whole new set of problems . I'll probably post a message in regards to that in the next few days. Well, thank you again to the three of you, and to anyone else who may respond to this later!
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