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Traveling Alone or Family Travel Whether you want to travel alone, or travel with the kids, parents, or granny, this forum is for you!

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hi all tpunks,

i've been mia for a while now and i thought i'd come check-in on my fav msg board. i also wanted to explain my situation if anyone is wondering....

i quit my job in august and moved home to southern california. it's been a long 2 month job search, and i was just hired to start a position this december. with that being said.....it seems i have some free time between now and december, so i'm going on tha road!

i'm looking at 5 weeks in central america. i have almost NO plans except to have fun where-ever the wind takes me....and where-ever 1500.00usd will take me. how far will it take me now??

please send all advice my way, my lovely tpunks (because god knows, i need it!!). i dont speak any spanish and i have never been to that region of the world.

TELL ME ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!!!! thx omi for all your CR advice

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Sounds awesome

My only advice is to check out Belize. Belize is really cheap as far as food, accomidation and travel. You have the barrier reef and islands, rain forest, and Mayan sites - lots to explore!

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I'm so jelous of you! I"m stuck in school until april and won't be doing any more travelling until june-ish. Not knowing spanish shouldn't be too much of a problem. You'll be surprised at how fast you pick it up. People who work in hotels/restaurants etc. usually speak some english (and probably want to learn more). I went with no espanol at all and after about a week and a half I started understanding what people were saying (or the jist of it) and then about a week later I was managing quite well. I had a shitty little spanish phrase book but only ended up using a few key terms. My books got soaked in a hurricane so for the last leg of my trip I was sans guide and phrasebook. Hilarious times and such a learning experience. You're going to have such a kick ass trip.
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Don't have anything to offer as far as advice, but I hope you have a great time! That's awesome that you have $$ saved up and some extra time.
~~ Jamie ~~
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First time travelers/travelers with a lot of questions - this forum is for you![b]
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