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i am living in south korea now and am planning on taking some much needed vacation time from this country in the next few months, probably sometime in october... i want to head to SE asia, was thinking vietnam, the phillippines, or thailand.. but i will be going alone, and i only have about 9 days to do it, from the day i leave here to the day i return...

i'm not looking for a huge cultural experience, since I will be travelling asia extensively when i leave korea, so for my vacation i just want to go somehwere to party, relax, experience new things, and have fun.. pretty broad, i know.. the only other stipulation is that i want to MEET people!! i am ok going alone, but it would obviously be way more fun to meet people there to party with for a week... i'm short on time though so i need some suggestions as to the best place to go to make instant friends! first of all i need to narrow it down to a country, then i guess suggestions on a specific place to stay where it's easy to meet people? i'm not super shy, but i'm not crazy outgoing girl who talks to anyone and everyone either....

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Hey there, welcome! For a fun, partying insta-vacation with nice weather and friendly people in SE Asia, I'd say you're looking at Thailand, my friend. There's TONS of info on this site about it. I personally haven't been there but many people have.
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Hi and welcome on board Beeltee !

Even though S.E.A. countries are small, there is a lot to do, plenty of people to meet and loooong rides to change cities, so 9 days is pretty short. That is why I would say to count Vietnam out of your options, unless you visit pieces of the North or the South. Plus, it is harder to meet people and party there. Philippines, I've never been to.

In Thailand you'll have so many opportunies to meet others that you'll come back exausted !

If you don't mind, I would add Laos to your destinations. Tiny and charming country. Cool backpackers (I found it almost impossible to stay half of day by myself!), great locals, a not-yet-westernized-country, lots to do whether you enjoy a bit of culture or outdoor activities in between your parties... A 9 day circuit may look like : Luang Prabang-Vientiane-Si Phan Don Islands. It might be a 15 hour bus-tuktuk-pirogue ride on the Mekong from the capital to get to the Islands but worth the time if you want to party while enjoy a unique cultural experience.

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Thailand is likely your best bet. Very easy to meet people...PLENTY of places to party...or relax...or both. The biggest choices you have is where to go in Thailand. Here is a quick run down:

North Thailand:
Chiang Mai - moderate city in the Northern part of Thailand. There is a lot to see/ do, trekking, elephant rides, check out the hill tribes, etc. Its on the backpacking trail, so plenty of people to meet, decent nightlife.

Bangkok gets you a huge, very congested crazy city. Plenty of backpacker's on Khao San Rd...plenty to do and see...but polluted and chaotic. Worth a day or two, though, just to experience. There are some big weekend markets, like Chatachuk (sp?)...places to get cheap knockoff DVDs, MP3cds, electronics...like Pantip Plaza.

Bigger/Touristy Islands - Phuket & Koh Samui. Plenty of nightlife, parties, craziness and beaches...many people would call them over developed tourist traps.

Intermediate Islands - Koh Samet & Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan - famous for the full moon parties. However, this island is supposed to have a lot to offer other than just full moon parties (but I have yet to make it here myself). It is fairly large and so you can get away from the crowds and find some very laid back beaches with just a bit of nightlife. When it's not the several days around the full moon, I don't believe even the main beaches that are the center for the parties are as busy as Phuket or Samui.

Koh Samet is a fairly short trip from Bangkok via bus and ferry. More laid back then Phuket and Samui but still has pretty decent nightlife.

Small islands - too many to list, but there are many islands you can check out that are much more laid back without as much tourists running around - nightlife may be somewhat laid back, though.

Cheap airlines to use to get to Chaing Mai or Phuket/Samui: Nok Air or Air Asia. R/T between Bangkok and the islands or Chiang Mai can usually be had for less than $100 USD.

Enjoy. Thailand is one of my favorite places.

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