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Traveling Alone or Family Travel Whether you want to travel alone, or travel with the kids, parents, or granny, this forum is for you! See Europe by train
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Old 07-28-2003, 01:32 PM   #1
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I am a 24 just out of college male--who has already sold his jeep to fund the trip leaving on oct 1--i want to backpack all over europe--italy--germany--anywere --everywere--i have not planned anything!! i am looking for someone that loves not knowing what is going to happen next, backpacking, seeing new things meeting people--and is open to trying new things! i hope to stay for a year at least???--i plan to get little jobs here and there... if anyone is interested --get in touch.. or if anyone has any tips that would also be GREAT!

can't wait

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I guess I am noted as the social alcoholic around here so if ya wanna meet up somewhere in Europe in January or Feb let me know where you will be and when.
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Just found this site and had to reply. I recently got laid off work and decided to go to Europe for three months. I leave September 17 and can't wait. I have been doing my homework and a couple things you might want to catch are:

Oktoberfest in Munich,Germany(Sept. 20-Oct. 5)
Eurochocolate in Perugia, Italy (Oct.18-26)
Air & Style Snowboarding Competition in Tyrol, Austria (Dec 13-15)

I am trying to hit all of these and will be in Europe till Dec. 16. I am 27 and female, if you want to meet up sometime e-mail me back. If not have a wonderful stay and a memorable year.
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Thanks for the info eurogirl..

Things have changed alittle since i posted the mess. I am still going on the trip, but i applied for jobs over there (germany) and i got one working at a ski lodge.. I am pumped.. This changes things b/c i no longer have to pay for my way over there. I do have to sign a contract but only for 4 months. Afterwards i will just travel. I dunno i might keep the job..It really is not that bad of a deal--ski for, i don't know yet what i am going to do..but i know that i am leaving oct 1 and what happens-- happens.

also my good friend from college just got a modeling job there also witch opens a few more doors.. (stay with him for free) i do not know were he is going to be workin--but it really does not matter...

so anyway after all that yes i would love to meet up and have a beer,share some stories what ever-- and since you just lost your job (sorry ) you might want to look to work overseas..something to do stay longer.. this is jobs like bartending,catering staff,resort reps,hotel managers--things like that..if you want to do anything like this you will have to have a permit BEFORE you get into the place you are going to work--i think is how they do it--not sure--just what i heard..

. there are also some jobs working for the military (you don't have to join) that sound pretty good.

anyway --keep in touch though this site and maybe we will run into each other dowen the road..

thanks again

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Old 08-26-2003, 02:56 PM   #5
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Sounds like youŽre all set, James! IŽm sure youŽll have a great time at the ski lodge with all them snow-bunnies

Eurogirl, sorry to hear about your job, but sometimes lifes "darkest hours" can be turning points. Judging by your planned 3 month trip to Europe, looks like you already knew that B) Good for you!
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How exciting working overseas. I have actually been throwing the idea around and think it would be a wonderful experience. The only thing keeping me here right know is my nieces and nephews. They are all little and I can't imagine not being able to see them grow up. I did think though it would be such an amazing experience for them to come and stay with their Aunt in Europe for the summers (when they were older of course).

I would really like to grab a beer with you so let me know when. I understand you'll probably have to get there before you can make any plans. Who knows maybe you can teach me how to ski? I water ski but that's it. I've never tried the snow thing. Hopefully I will hear from you soon and congrats on the new job. As for me losing mine, I 'll miss the money and the people but the job and the company sucked! They paid for my schooling though so I can't complain.
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