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Default Traveling Costa Rica Solo - Help!

I'm a young female going to Costa Rica in a week or so, on a really tight budget. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on rough areas, and where it's safer, but still on the cheaper side. I already know San Jose and Limon aren't the safest from experience.

I also have to go through Bataan, does anyone know if there's a decent hostel, or should I just try to avoid staying there?

Anyone heard anything about Tortuga Feliz or Montana Linda?

Approximate amount of money anyone spent daily there?

Thanks for any advice.

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Sorry I can't help you out. I know that several people on here have spent time in Costa. Jengt did a solo trip there awhile back. I'm sure you'll get some good responses.

Did you check for a place in Bataan?
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^^^^^ I agree, hang out for a bit, and lots of Tpunks with CR experience will be able to help you out. Have a great and safe trip!!!
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I'm changing the title of this thread to attract more CR folks
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I was in CR last summer but I only stayed in San Jose and San Isidro del General in the south.

I forget the town but it's near Limon on the Caribbean coast. There's a place called Rocking J's, that's supposed to be nice. I'm sure there's a few mentions of it on the boards. Do a search on 'Rocking J's'. If you're looking for hiking I recommend Chirripo National Park in the south. Very nice to see rural CR areas and beautiful natures, minus all the tourists that you'll get in the northern parks.

Sorry I can't be of huge help. I'm sure Hwei will come along with some tips.

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I was in CR in January this year but didn't hit any of the areas you mentioned. I just went to Monteverde & La Fortuna. I did fly in & out of San Jose. I stayed at Hostel Pangea when I was in San Jose. Not a bad place, they have their own bar on the roof.

I didn't have any problems being a single female. You just have to be aware of your surroundings.

As Blinkchick said, I'm sure Freespiritz will be on soon. She did a more extensive tour of Costa Rica so may have more info for you.

Enjoy Costa Rica. It's a beautiful country!
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Wish I could be of more help too but like the lovely ladies before me, I didn't hit up the places that you're going to!

I made it to San Jose (also stayed in Pangea, which was decent but felt way spring breaky after coming in from Nicaragua), Monte Verde, Quepos (Manuel Antonio NP) and visited BlinkChick in San Isidro and Chirripo.

Just keep an eye on your stuff...the guy I met on the bus on the way into San Jose got his pack nicked within 2 minutes of our arrival! I didn't have any issues with safety otherwise, and I'm pretty sure I was working around the 20 dollar a day budget depending on how much touristy stuff you'll be doing though; I didn't do that much (ate lots of value for money IMO ,) Have a great time...wish I could've given more specific advice!

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I also didn't visit either of those places, unfortunately, but I was there for a while doing some volunteer work. Though I had housing mostly provided for, I would say when I traveled I could spend about $20-$30 a day with hostel and food (and a couple beers maybe). I'm with you on the really tight budget. Like freespiritz said, eating casados is recommended! It's a big variety plate of good food that will keep you full.
I would say most of Costa Rica is generally pretty safe. I haven't been to Limon, but I've heard it can be skipped, and some small towns by the Panama border can be a little shady. I found Montezuma to be a bit more spendy for a small town, but also really worth it.
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I was on the west coast and loved it.... that was like 6 years ago now.. Didn't like san jose, tamarindo was ok.... but full of tourists. from what I've head CR has changed a lot in the past couple of years

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