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Traveling Alone or Family Travel Whether you want to travel alone, or travel with the kids, parents, or granny, this forum is for you! See Europe by train
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Topic:Travel Alone

tp [guest] from email
Travel Alone Posted 6-24-2002 22:32

Just do it! It will, perhaps, be one of the most
rewarding experiences of your entire life.

I did it 2yrs ago for the first time, and now Iīm in
Europe for the third time and living here!

Good luck!


kirstin from email
18 DAYS TILL TAKEOFF!!! Posted 6-25-2002 12:27

I'm packin'! I've got my tickets, my backpack, many many tank tops, and about 85 rolls of film...think that should be enough???? 25, American female, traveling from Amsterdam to Rome for four weeks starting August 17th (arrival date). Anyone else going my way? Basic plan: Amsterdam - Brugge - Paris - misc. Spain (including Barcelona and prob. Alicante) - possibly Morocco, Venice, Florence, Rome. Anyone else so scared and excited they just might pee their pants? Okay, that may just be me. I can't seem to find anyone else doing I alone in this world, damn!!! Ohhhhhhhh well. Please write with advice, inspiration, or just because. My own friends are sick of hearing about it!

tp [guest] from email
Great times! Posted 6-26-2002 01:02


I sense some great times coming your way in the
near future!
I just got back from the Mediterranean coast again,
and the beaches are just unbelievable! The water
was incredibly warm too, that you just didn't want to
get out of it!
If you hit Madrid, try to take a day trip to Segovia. It's
about an hour north and there's an incredibly
magnificent 2000 yr old aqueduct bridge (used to
transport water) that spans across the middle of
the city. Up til now, that's the oldest thing that I've
seen and touched- I'll have a hayday in Italy and
Greece in the future!

Traveling alone is a great time for decompressing
and self discovery. It's really great to do as you
please and head off in any direction at any time.
Making friends with the locals will prove to be very
rewarding as they can take you to many places off
the beaten path. Not many travelers get to go to a
house party in that country unless they meet
someone that know about that party. The only way
to do that is to keep meeting the locals.
One of the best experiences that I had was going
to a Hare Krishna place for some unexpected
singing and lunch that a local invited me to. The
locals that know about it go there for the big,
extremely cheap, yet very nice lunch. This was, to
say the least, way off the beaten path. It was fun,
memorable and was a highlight in my trip.

If you need to speak to an english speaking
person, go to your nearest Irish pub(they're all
over), hit the nearest self-service laundromat, hand
out at a bar/lounge located in a hostel, or hit up the
nearest backpacker.

Often, when entering a city, the backpackers
leaving that city will have some great suggestions
for you as well as what to avoid and why. You can
learn a lot from them.

I hope that you keep us up to date on your travels
and perhaps write a future travel story for this site!

Good luck, Kirsten, and have a great time!


Griffin [guest] from email
also a new solo-traveler Posted 6-26-2002 17:04

Alright...I've waited long enough for my time to come to leave this city and have a real adventure. And so I figured why not backpack in another continent.I'm an 18 year old guy from Montreal in Canada and very motivated. Well sorry Kristen I'm afraid I won't be goin quite the same way you are...but our paths do meet at one point in time I'm sure. I am to start in Ireland, Dublin to be exact..then to Cardiff in Wales...then London...then Amsterdam,hopefully paris...then I'd like to be in Germany for Oktoberfest!But my main goal is to get to Switzerland. Because my girlfriend whom I love is moving there just for a bit to work (she's a swiss cit.) Anyways...if there is anyone out there that I may encounter in my travels...please drop me a msg at any advice or helpful info would be greatly appreciated.
So i hope to hear from someone some time.

Jess [guest] from email
travel alone Posted 7-4-2002 22:34


i'm an 18yr old female living in England and i'm gonna travel on the continent this summer....about august/begin. of sept. I'm only gonna be going to germany, i love the place, and possibly denmark and austria. I'm getting one of those inter rail passes, i wish i could get a eurail pass but they're only open to non-EU residents. damn. They're so much cheaper!

So, if anyone has any tips on hostels money.......where to go, anything, please say.


Jess (

tp [guest] from email
travel alone Posted 7-7-2002 00:36

Hey Jess!

I'm not sure about doing the bus thingy, but some
people have had great success with it and have
found it to be much cheaper than taking the train. a
couple of bus companies are
Also, if you're flying out of London, there are quite of
few air carriers that always run specials, check the
travelpunk/air page for a list of some of those
There is a whole page on backpacking tips as well
as a very comprehensive list of hostels in Europe
and the rest of the world-

It's pretty wise to book a hostel ahead of time,
especially during the summer months as hostels
tend to get quite full pretty quickly.

Hope you have a great time on your travels and
check back if you have any more questions.

Happy Travels!


aaron [guest] from email
Solo in Spain Posted 7-15-2002 18:58

Hello all,

I'm headed for 10 days at the end of September to Spain. I'm
not a fan of city life and up all night activity. I much prefer
layed back towns, gettting away from masses of humanity,
enjoying the company of a few nice people some good drinks
and slow slow slow time. Any advice on where to lay low and
just be - and maybe ride horseback?

Thanks - Aaron

Chris [guest] from email
visa questions Posted 7-16-2002 03:17

Hi all, just wondering what any of your experiences have been regarding visas in Europe and the Schengen countries? The reason I'm asking is my wife and I will be moving to Italy for 9 months (3 months less than what it takes for my wife to get a visa) for school. We are thinking that she could fly to London and back to Italy within the 90 days to reset her 90 day tourist visa. Can this be done to your knowledge and are there any alternatives? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

tp [guest] from email
For AAron Posted 7-16-2002 16:18

A few smaller towns that I got a really nice vibe was in Tarifa(way down the coast across from Morrocco), Sevilla(famous for being the mother city for Flamenco dancing), Granada (has the Alhambra), Malaga (again on the coast), Alicante (north of Malaga and was small and quite, but I think theres a lot of people during the months of July and August), and I hear that San Sebastion is unbelievable but stuffed with lots of Americans right now.

Within an hour of Madrid, you can be in Toledo or Segovia. Segovia has a spectacular 2000 yr old aqueduct that spans across the city and Toledo was the former capital of Spain and has a lot to offer while at the same time giving you that small hometown feeling.

Hope it helps!

tp [guest] from email
Chris: Schegen visa Posted 7-16-2002 16:26

A lday at the American Embassy in Madrid told me that you can enter a non-schegen country for perhaps 3 days(keep reciepts from restaurants, hotels, etc...for proof that you were in a non- schegen country) and then enter in again giving yourself anoth 90 days.

Now technically, you are not suppose to be in the Schegen countries for more than 6 months out of a years time, but she said that they havenīt been enforcing that.

To get out of the Schegen countries for 2 or 3 days, you can go to Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Switzerland, Morrocco, or any toher Eastern European country.

Itīs best to be granted your visa extention before you come over as they donīt extend visaīs here (Spain anyway). At least, thats what the lady told me.

Good luck!

pubtracker78 from email
Italy Posted 7-16-2002 20:35

One month of prep left. Can't wait for the people, the pubs, and the peace of mind. Two weeks of experience in culture, art, food, and don't forget beer. Hope to make some good friends and memories along the way. Ciao

Topic:Travel Alone

pubtracker78 from email
Italy Posted 7-16-2002 20:35

One month of prep left. Can't wait for the people, the pubs, and the peace of mind. Two weeks of experience in culture, art, food, and don't forget beer. Hope to make some good friends and memories along the way. Ciao

Nick_At_Night from email
Laptops and other stuff Posted 7-17-2002 01:39


I'm going to be in Europe for 6-12 months (budget permitting). I'd like to stay in touch with family via the internet. Can someone recommend whether I should bring a laptop or get online another way? I'd like to be online at least 3 times a week.

tp [guest] from email
online Posted 7-19-2002 18:27

Bringing a laptop could be tricky.
If you are going to be traveling, backpacking, a lot.
Most cities, at least everyone that Iīve visited in Europe, had internet cafes.
Most have rates where if you for more hours in advance, you get a better rate per hour.

I say keep the laptop at home as it will be a pain backpacking with it. Your backpack will be a target to any thief that sees you with it.


Pol [guest] from email
HEY, IM A ROOKIE TOO! Posted 9-5-2002 19:34

Hello im from guatemala, im 21 years old, and im heading for europe in november its my first time so those who want to give me some advice on hostels, very cheap ones. My rendez-vous point is Spain, madrid afterwards, paris,brugge,amsterdam,hamburg,munchen,zurich,rome ,venice, and greece, so please if anyone is going my way or if we can encounter ourselves anywhere, please let me know at: see you later!

legannat [guest] from email
Bus Tours Posted 9-10-2002 05:09

I am 23 yr old Asian girl travelling alone for the first time to Europe. Feeling rather scared to travel alone and so is considering busabouts and which provides guides. Is it a good idea and are these companies realiable?
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Hi all!

Im off to Australia around September time, if anyone fancies coming along feel free to mail me at to chat a bit more


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P.P.S. Im 18/Female from Devon, UK

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