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I thought it may be interesting to see who everyone has flown with and their experiences.

As an amatuer traveller I don't have alot to contribute but:

I flew Air Canada (2001) Sydney - Vancouver. This was my first international flight and it didn't start well. We got an hour into the flight, had some engine problems and had to turn around back to Sydney. Cut a long story short, after waiting hours in the crowed little area they realised they couldn't fix it quickly so they shuttled us all to a hotel - which was full. So then we had to shuttle us to another - which could only take half of us, then took the rest to another hotel.

Then the next day on our new flight half the movies didn't work for some reason.

But shit happens. Really wasn't a problem for me although others were less than amused. All adds to the travelling experience. The flight back home went without a hitch.

My only other airline experience is flying domestically with Qantas. Hour and a half flights. Nothing much to say - never had a problem. But it's only a short flight.

Well, that's it. I'm particularly interested if anyone has flown with Vietnam Airlines and Austrian Airlines.
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I had a flight similar to that, most have been boring and usually 12 hours to the frikin sound of a baby crying somewhere in the masses! However! there was a flight I caught on Air New Zealand from LAX to Auckland and it was the best ever! It was a flight where the vibe was just awesome, you could here laughter from all directions, my row was having a drinking competition and we had little bottles rolling all over the plane, it seemed like we were all flirting with the stewerdess and she even flirted back. The two people next to me ended up going to the bathroom together and so on and so on. It was the quickest 13 hour flight I ever had. I havent had a flight like that since then but cant wait till the next! :D
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I was flying back from Edmonton Alberta after visiting famliy, and the guy in front of me in line upgraded his seat to "club class" for a mere 70$, and i was all over that band wagon, i upgraded my seat as well. When I boarded the plane, it turns out that me and the other guy were the only ones in that first class area of the plane, we got to talking and got along really well, we had our own flight attendent and she was not bashfull about giving us all the booze we wanted...well after many. many Cognacs we were pretty looped, we started to joke how cool it would be to see the cockpit, we were really just kidding. The flight attendent came around about 10 min later and said we could go up and meet the pilots, in our best drunk'n walk we made our way to the flight cabin and met our pilots, man were they nice guys, they joked with us about how much we had had to drink, and we told them what a great job they were doing. There i was in a terrible drunk'n state leaning between the two pilots saying how bright the stars were!!! after about 15 min we went back to our seats to finish off our flight to Toronto by toasting with some fine wine....we did land safely and i tell ya, i will not forget that one any time soon!!!
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uh wow i've never had anything exciting happen to me on flights. I've flown air canada both times i went to europe and then i flew continental to costa rica. err...yup that's it. hee haw i didn[t even drink. Drinking is the last thing i want to do when i'm flying. honestly I hate flying i feel like shit. my eyes dry out, i eget a headache, my skin feels soooo dry..I just feel gross. So i dont remember most of my flights just because i'm usually zoned out. cd your lucky you flew business class! lucky man. I would soooooooo pay $70 extra to do that.
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