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Travel Transportation Airs, Trains, Buses, and Boats, what should I do ? What´s a Eurail Pass? How to rent a car abroad ? Is it safe to take the bus? See Europe by train
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Hello again all!
I have a question about airline flights to Europe. Since I'm backpacking, and I've saved a lot of money, I want to go until my money runs out. The problem with that is one way flights are mega expensive. I've heard you can make them round trip flights for a lot cheaper and ditch the return flight, but it's illigal . Will there be any ramifications if I do this? Have people done this with succsess with out getting into any kind of trouble?I would really appriciate any responces that people can give. Thanks so much!!
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I do not see how it could be illegal to not return on the date on your ticket? I dunno know about that, it might be true. The only thing you have to watch is when you enter a counrty your time may be limited by the time you entered the country IE 3 months or 6 months, check with the official web site of the country your traveling to.

Where are you flying from and where are you flying too??? That may help in finding a cheap one way flight.

A couple ideas are open-ended tickets, you pretty much buy your ticket with no official return date, when you wanna leave you just call and book it a week or so in advance.


You could grab a one way flight on a stand by ticket, that would maybe be cheaper.
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I did exactly that 3 yrs ago. I bought one ticket and instead of leaving from that same city at that time, I bought another one way ticket flying home from a different city at a different date and ditched the original RT ticket.

You do need to buy a RT ticket, otherwise you´ll be questioned as to why you´re not returning. Will you be studying overseas? Did you have a job transfer? Where´s your visa´s? etc... Buy the RT and ditch the return end of it. Technically, you´re only supposed to be in the Schegen countries for no more than 90 days, but I´ve heard that they´re not strict on watching that. Germany might be strict, from posts that I´ve read online, but just go through Germany within your first 3 months and get them out of the way. But, if you leave the 11 countries for a couple of days, then return within the 11 countries, your 90 days starts over. Thats what I´ve heard. Go to Morrocco, or somewhere in Eastern Europe for a couple of days, then come back in.

I was in Madrid for over a year, and now I´m back in the states no problem.

You can wing it, it´s up to you. I wouldn´t worry about it B) .

One thing, when you do arrive back in the states, the customs at the airports usually run your passport through the machines, etc... Standard procedure. I was in a line where the customs guy was talking to his customers and asking questions like "oh, why were you there for so long?" Needless to say, I got out of his line and jump into the next line where the guy was just doing his work without smiling. You know the kind. He sits there with no rapport skills, doesn´t ask questions, and just goes "next." That´s the guy whose line you need to be in when you enter the US.
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I will tell you this in amsterdam they are pretty strict about how long you stay there for. My friend has been there for over 8 months, and the authority have gone to go look for him twice. so watch out what coutry you stay too long.
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Thanks for the heads up Llemus! that´s good to know
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If you want to stay in europe without going home on your return flight all you have to is at the end of the 3 months or whatever the country allows tourists to be there without a visa is leave the country you're in for a few days, get another stamp on your passport, and then come back into the country you're staying in..

be careful in the UK if you try to ditch your return ticket. a friend of mine did just this and ended up deported. my advice, take a weekend out of country every few months and you should be a-ok.

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THE CRUISE LINE, INC. (800/777-0707)
Giant Miami-based company, now part of a discounting conglomerate of cruise brokers. Publishes a good-quality magazine, The World of Cruising, highlighting current bargains.

CRUISES ONLY (800/895-3771)
Orlando-based, its staff consists of dozens and dozens of telephone reservationists who sell more than 100,000 cut-rate cruise tickets each year. Now affiliated with The Cruise Line, Inc. (above) and others. Web site:

A feisty independent operating out of West Hartford, Connecticut. Has particularly good rates and a staff of experienced counselors who provide helpful advice when time permits.

CRUISE.COM (888/609-8224)
Mostly handling Caribbean cruises, this long-established Florida firm claims to offer up to 50 percent off a wide range of itineraries. Visiting its Web site ( is like entering a mammoth cruise shopping center.

Fifteen-year-old Michigan-based outfit that claims to sell virtually every cruise on the market at discounts between 40 and 50 percent off published rates. Its "cruise-grams" alert customers to special offers.

Nine-year-old California company whose stock-in-trade is last-minute sailings, with typical savings of 40 to 50 percent off published rates. GalaxSea is particularly strong on Alaska, the Panama Canal, Europe, and Mexico. Web site:

Hotel Rooms

Began as a booking service for Atlantic City; now works with over 1,000 hotels in 16 cities. Average savings are 20 to 25 percent, though they can go as high as 40 percent. Its Web site ( is excellent.

This veteran books hotels in Miami, Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago, regularly offering discounts of at least 15 percent and frequently as much as 30 percent. Web site:

Books only good-quality New York and Los Angeles hotels at discounts that often approach 30 and 40 percent, depending on time of year. The hotel is paid directly--no prepaid vouchers.

A big selection of U.S. cities--24, to be exact--distinguishes this large, eight-year-old company, as does its claim to obtain first-class accommodations for under $100 a night per room. Average savings, it claims, can run 20 to 30 percent. Web site:

HOT ROOMS (800/468-3500)
Chicago-only service, a pioneer in hotel discounting that books 30,000 rooms annually at savings of up to 40 to 50 percent off published prices. You pay the hotel directly. Web site:

1-800-USA-HOTEL (800/872-4683)
Offers around-the-clock reservations service as well as discounts of up to 40 and 50 percent, working with more than 11,000 domestic hotels, including most major chains. You pay the hotel directly. Web site:

QUIKBOOK (800/789-9887)
Handles 200 or so hotels in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. This service can often slash 25 to 30 percent off a property's quoted rates. Web site:

TRAVEL INTERLINK (800/477-7172)
Represents thousands of hotels, primarily in Asia and Europe, and offers discounts off their published rates that can run as high as 30 to 50 percent. Also has significant discounts on many land packages.

HOTEL CONXIONS (800/522-9991)
Discounts the rates of 200 hotels in eight U.S. cities--New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Claims its cuts average 30 percent, and also states it has space in generally sold-out periods.

HOTELSONLINE.COM (800/383-2270)
This five-year-old has enormous reach, offering 56,000 hotels (including most major chains) virtually everywhere in the United States. Claims it can save you between 40 and 65 percent, occasionally more, with biggest savings in shoulder seasons. Urges you to use its Web site:

HOTRES.COM (Internet only; no phone)
A brand-new service currently handling only New York City--with 30 midtown hotels in all price ranges--but soon to expand to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, and Los Angeles. Claims to save between $20 and $60 nightly on rooms. Web site:

Represents 1,500 or so West Coast hotels in 100 locations that include not only California but also Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. The San Francisco--based service claims it can cut 30 to 40 percent off published rates. Web address (its site is excellent):

TRAVELSCAPE (888/335-0101)
Formerly known as Las Vegas Reservations Systems, this ten-year-old is currently branching out to 800 hotels in 100 U.S. locations. Discounts average 25 to -30 percent. Its first-rate Web site helps you to create low-cost domestic air-hotel packages. Web site:

European Auto Rentals

AUTO EUROPE (800/223-5555)
Venerable consolidator founded in 1954 to rent cars at a discount from 4,000 foreign locations, three quarters of them in Europe, while others are in the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia. Charges generally 15 to 20 percent less than traditional rental firms. Web site:

This 12-year-old Europe specialist rents cars in more than 4,000 locations (also in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, Mexico, and the Pacific) and claims it can undercut the major car rental firms by 20 percent and more. Web site:

another good offer from Malaysia Airlines, check it out:

The Malaysia Airlines’ AccessAsia Pass lets you fly to any or all of 24 great destinations in Southeast Asia for one extraordinarily low fare of $747* per person. Price includes round trip Economy Class fare aboard our luxurious B747’s between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur, or aboard our B777 SuperRangers™ between Newark and Kuala Lumpur, plus Economy Class travel to any or all of the other 23 listed cities you want to fly to within a 30-day period. You can also add cities in Australia, New Zealand, the Indian subcontinent, China, South Africa, South America and Europe for a small additional charge. You can even extend the 30 day period or upgrade to First or Business Class at a special low rate as well. Check out the details below and call your travel agent. Then pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime.

Fly to any or all of these cities for only $747*
Bali (Denpasar) • Bandar Seri Begawan • Bangkok • Canton (Guangzhou) • Cebu • Hanoi • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) • Hong Kong • Jakarta • Kaohsiung • Kota Kinabalu • Kuala Lumpur • Kuantan • Kuching • Langkawi • Manila • Medan • Penang • Phnom Penh • Phuket • Singapore • Surabaya • Yangon(Rangoon)

Plus: Taipei is included to/from Los Angeles only. Dubai is included to/from Newark only.

*Round trip from our Los Angeles or Newark gateways. AccessAsia Pass is available only to North American residents and is priced at USD $747.00 per person. Applicable local taxes/fees are additional.

Peak Season Travel Surcharge
A peak season surcharge of $150.00 will apply for the following travel dates:

From Los Angeles: From June 1 to August 14, and from November 16 to January 14.
From Newark: From May 31 to August 27, and from December 13 to January 22.
All travel must commence by December 31, 2002.
There's never been a better time to explore Asia
The strength of the North American currencies, hotels, meals, sightseeing and shopping offer breathtaking values. As Southeast Asia’s largest airline, Malaysia Airlines is in a unique position to provide you the opportunity of a lifetime with “AccessAsia Pass”. However, space is limited so contact Malaysia Airlines or your favorite travel agent at your earliest convenience.

Complementing the “AccessAsia Pass” is our Stopover Holiday Program to Malaysia and Singapore and CityStay Program to other cities in Southeast Asia.
For extended travel within domestic Malaysia, our “Discover Malaysia” Pass is available from USD $199.00.
Other Option (If trip originated in Los Angeles
and ends in Newark.)
Los Angeles If trip originated in Newark and
ends in Los Angeles.) $400.00


Peak Season Surcharge

Extension of travel period
U.S. $
Extension travel validity to 45 days
Extension travel validity to 60 days

Extension travel validity to 90 days



Optional Upgrades
U.S. $
One way Business class upgrade
• Los Angeles
• Newark $1,199.00
One way First class upgrade
• Los Angeles
• Newark

Reroute/Reissue, per transaction

Refund/No Show penalty:
Prior to Departure
After Departure
Revalidation (date change)


Rules and Regulations
“AccessAsia Pass” is available only to North American residents with North American mailing addresses and is priced at USD $747.00 per person excluding all applicable local taxes and fees. No reductions for students, senior citizens, children or infants.

Travel must commence by December 31, 2002.

Malaysia Airlines “AccessAsia Pass” must be purchased through a North American Travel Agent.

“AccessAsia Pass” includes round trip Economy Class air transportation between either Los Angeles or Newark and any of the qualified cities via Kuala Lumpur.

All travel must originate from North America and the air tickets must be purchased in North America only.

All applicable local taxes/fees/insurance surcharges are additional.

“AccessAsia Pass” tickets must be issued within 7 days of the reservation.

Minimum and maximum stay is 7 days and 30 days from departure unless an extension is purchased.

Unused portions/segments of “AccessAsia Pass” are not refundable.

Not valid on non-Malaysia Airlines operated code-shared flights.

All flights should be confirmed and no wait-lists are permitted.

No frequent flyer miles of any kind may be earned on this fare, and no frequent flyer points may be used to redeem this ticket.

With the exception of Kuala Lumpur, the “AccessAsia Pass” may not be used to fly to any one city more than once.

This fare is not combinable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion currently offered.

Travel Agent Booking Information
Booking class Q
Fare Basis QAAPASS

AccessAsia Pass Tickets
Are Only Sold Through Travel Agents –
So Call Your Favorite Travel Agent
And Pack Your Bags
For The Trip Of A Lifetime! B)
Life is Short! Traveling the World & the people you meet, experiencing life "on the road" will enhance your life forever. GO FOR IT! Explore Philippines
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I would definitely check thorugh consolidators too, to see what disounts are available.

Thanks for the detailed list, PB

Yeahyeah, I hear you on leaving the country and re-entering. Anyone wnating to play it safe should heed that advice to avoid any problems. Thanks
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