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Travel Photos & Videos! Misc. photos of Tpunks. D'oh!

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Default Flamenco

So I was just skimming through my pictures from last summers trip and I came across this one that I think is absolutely BEAUTIFUL...its from a place called La Carboneria in Sevilla, Spain. It's a flamenco bar and its one of the few with no cover and absolutely fabulous music and dance. Anyways, I looked at this picture and I could like hear that man singing and it just took me back to Sevilla! Hope you like!

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that is a very "classic spain" pic...nice!

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that is cool. I need to start taking more stuff in B&W again.

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Old 07-17-2007, 01:40 PM   #4
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I love it.. Sevilla is one of the places I am absolutely most excited to see!
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OMG!! I went to the same place!! The vibe there was amazing!!! the music fantastic and the tapas

I was downloading photos when the gang from the hostel left, but I figured that with my map I could get there in time (I walk really fast). It was the first time that I got REALLY lost. I was walking in a direction in which I was certain I was heading towards the Giralda, and when I asked some local guys (thank God I speak Spanish!!) they pointed to the opposite direction... hahaha it was late, I was lost and hungry.

When I got to the dot marked on my map I didn't see any bars or anything, I asked a man standing at a red door, and he said he didnt know where the place I wanted to go to was... I kept wandering around until I came back to that place, I remembered the name of the bar and he was like "Girl, you're here!!" Hahaha... Oh well. The girl at the bar was Italian, and when I started speaking in Italian and I told her my great grandmother was from Italy, she gave me free tapas

I looooved that place!
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Wow, great photos ! Thanks for sharing ! Do you have more ?

p.s. I moved the thread to the "random photos" forum.

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