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So I've started looking into getting the visas I need for my trip this summer, but need a little guidence as I haven't had to apply for one before.

As you may or may not know, I'm taking a 2 month trip from greece to poland through a multitude of countries in the balkans and eastern bloc. Now, my Moldovan visa form wants to know the date I will enter and leave the country, the number of days in the country and my address while staying in the country. All of which I will not actually know. I want to get there when I get there (I could give a 30 day "window" as the visa is valid for up to 30 days, but is this allowed?), leave when I want to move on and travel round the country as and where I feel like, looking for accomodation on arrival.

It also asked for "type of passport" and "issued by", I presume the answer to one of them will be british, but i don't really understand what they're asking.
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Where I'm going: Cyprus (June 2013)
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As far as the passport goes, they may be wondering if it's tourist, official, or diplomatic. There may be other types, that's just the types I know. Most likely, yours is a tourist passport.

"Issued by" is the agency responsible for passports in Britain - the Home Office? The Foreign Office? I don't know...

I would contact, which is a cooperative that rents out private apartments, and also arranges homestays. If you write and explain your situation, they might be able to advise you about your concerns. Incidentally, in 2003, when my guidebook was written, the arranged homestays were $2.50 US. They also arrange tours and daytrips...sounds like a good resource all around.

If you still can't get a straight answer, contact the Moldovan consulate or Embassy and ask them straight up. It may be that you have to give them specific dates, in which case, I'd just estimate when in your trip you want to visit that country (leaving yourself some flex time for the countries you want to visit first) pick a day and plan on being at the border on that day. Flexibility is wonderful, but it's not the end of the world if you have to have a few solid dates in your itinerary...

(Incidentally, be sure to read up on the etiquette section for Moldova in a guidebook...there's some stuff in there that you might not be aware of. )

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